Homeroom: 6A

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Assigned Due Homework Subject Teacher Files
Oct 17Oct 25Book Jacket AssignmentEnglish Language ArtsHudson, Becky0
Oct 13Oct 13VoteSocial StudiesHudson, Becky3
Oct 11Oct 13Phases of the Moon Quiz tomorrowScienceMalcolm, John0
Oct 6Oct 16Decision Making Unit TestSocial StudiesHudson, Becky0
Oct 6Oct 13FREJ PosterSocial StudiesHudson, Becky0
Sep 28Oct 2Decision Making QuixSocial StudiesHudson, Becky1
Sep 28Oct 16Alpha-BiogrpahyEnglish Language ArtsHudson, Becky0
Sep 22Oct 61000 Things AssignmentMathematicsMalcolm, John1
Sep 21Sep 22Practice times tables :)MathematicsMalcolm, John0
Sep 20Sep 21Math Lesson 4MathematicsMalcolm, John0
Sep 19Sep 22Map of CanadaSocial StudiesHudson, Becky0
Sep 14Sep 21Punctuation Hero Trading CardEnglish Language ArtsHudson, Becky0
Sep 12Sep 26Sun ProjectScienceMalcolm, John1