Homeroom: 6C

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Assigned Due Homework Subject Teacher Files
Apr 24May 18Flight ProjectScienceBohnert, Paul1
Apr 24May 18Flight ProjectScienceBohnert, Paul1
Apr 10Apr 11Iroquois Rights and Responsibilities Social StudiesWehlage, Courtney1
Apr 10Apr 12Iroquois Chapter QuizSocial StudiesWehlage, Courtney0
Apr 5Apr 12Aerodynamics Unit TestScienceBohnert, Paul0
Apr 3Apr 10Math Unit test - GeometryMathematicsBohnert, Paul0
Mar 30Apr 3Adaptations Bird DesignScienceBohnert, Paul1
Mar 28Mar 31Descriptive WritingEnglish Language ArtsWehlage, Courtney1
Mar 28Apr 3Chapters 1-8 Quiz English Language ArtsWehlage, Courtney0
Mar 20Jun 30Iroquois Textbook ChapterSocial StudiesWehlage, Courtney1
Feb 2Apr 28The Phantom Tollbooth (text)English Language ArtsWehlage, Courtney0