Homeroom: 6C

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Assigned Due Homework Subject Teacher Files
Jun 16Jun 20Additional PAT review questionsMathematicsBohnert, Paul1
Jun 15Jun 20PAT REVIEWMathematicsBohnert, Paul1
Jun 9Jun 12Factors and MultiplesMathematicsBohnert, Paul2
Jun 8Jun 12Phantom Tollbooth Final ProjectsEnglish Language ArtsWehlage, Courtney4
Jun 6Jun 7Fractions MathematicsBohnert, Paul1
Jun 6Jun 7Fractions answer key 6.1 and 6.2MathematicsBohnert, Paul2
Jun 2Jun 3Decimal Multiplication and Division QuizMathematicsBohnert, Paul1
Jun 2Jun 3Decimal Multiplication and Division Quiz Answer KeyMathematicsBohnert, Paul1
Jun 1Jun 24 Decimal Add, Sub, Div, MultMathematicsBohnert, Paul1
Jun 1Jun 24 answer key add sub div multMathematicsBohnert, Paul2
Jun 1Jun 24.2 answer keyMathematicsBohnert, Paul1
May 30May 31Multiplication and Division of decimalsMathematicsBohnert, Paul1
May 30May 31multiplication of decimals keyMathematicsBohnert, Paul1
May 30May 31Division Decimal Key MathematicsBohnert, Paul1
May 30May 31science SLO 2ScienceBohnert, Paul1
May 29May 30Add and sub decimal answer keyMathematicsBohnert, Paul1
May 29May 30Add and sub decimal problem keyMathematicsBohnert, Paul1
May 26Jun 19Math SLOs for ReviewMathematicsBohnert, Paul9
May 26Jun 19Science SLOs and reviewScienceBohnert, Paul1
May 26May 29SLO 1 - ReviewMathematicsBohnert, Paul2
May 24May 25Who's Who in Ancient Athens Social StudiesWehlage, Courtney2
May 23Jun 1Tollbooth Comp Questions: 1-12English Language ArtsWehlage, Courtney12
May 16May 19Greek God ChallengeSocial StudiesWehlage, Courtney0
May 16May 18Phantom Tollbooth: Chapter 11 and 12English Language ArtsWehlage, Courtney2
May 12May 15Air & Flight Practice QuizScienceBohnert, Paul1
May 12May 15Answer Key to practice quizScienceBohnert, Paul1
Apr 24May 18Flight ProjectScienceBohnert, Paul1
Apr 24May 18Flight ProjectScienceBohnert, Paul1
Apr 10Apr 11Iroquois Rights and Responsibilities Social StudiesWehlage, Courtney1
Apr 10Apr 12Iroquois Chapter QuizSocial StudiesWehlage, Courtney0
Apr 5Apr 12Aerodynamics Unit TestScienceBohnert, Paul0
Apr 3Apr 10Math Unit test - GeometryMathematicsBohnert, Paul0
Mar 30Apr 3Adaptations Bird DesignScienceBohnert, Paul1
Mar 28Mar 31Descriptive WritingEnglish Language ArtsWehlage, Courtney1
Mar 28Apr 3Chapters 1-8 Quiz English Language ArtsWehlage, Courtney0
Mar 20Jun 30Iroquois Textbook ChapterSocial StudiesWehlage, Courtney1
Mar 14Mar 24Iroquois Title PageSocial StudiesWehlage, Courtney1
Mar 10Mar 13Math 6 - 2D & 3D review answer keyMathematicsBohnert, Paul1
Mar 7Mar 10Advisor Homework! English Language ArtsWehlage, Courtney0
Mar 1Mar 6Sky Science Unit Exam review notesScienceBohnert, Paul1
Feb 28Mar 1Tollbooth: Chapter 4English Language ArtsWehlage, Courtney1
Feb 27Mar 7Provincial Government Quiz! Social StudiesWehlage, Courtney0
Feb 20Mar 16Chapter Summary 1-5English Language ArtsWehlage, Courtney2
Feb 17Feb 27Reading Week LA Homework English Language ArtsWehlage, Courtney3
Feb 13Mar 3Chapter 9 (Provincial Government) TextbookSocial StudiesWehlage, Courtney1
Feb 6Feb 7Electoral Process NotesSocial StudiesWehlage, Courtney1
Feb 2Apr 28The Phantom Tollbooth (text)English Language ArtsWehlage, Courtney0
Feb 1Feb 3Tollbooth: Chapter 1-3 Questions Social StudiesWehlage, Courtney3
Jan 31Feb 3Elections process assignmentSocial StudiesWehlage, Courtney0
Jan 30Feb 13Chapter 1 and 2 (Phantom Tollbooth)English Language ArtsWehlage, Courtney2
Jan 27Jan 30MLA introduction letterSocial StudiesWehlage, Courtney1
Jan 26Jan 30Missing Assignments Social StudiesWehlage, Courtney0
Jan 19Jan 26Trading cardsScienceBohnert, Paul1
Jan 17Jan 18School Board Assignment Social StudiesWehlage, Courtney1
Jan 16Jan 19Local Government Quiz Social StudiesWehlage, Courtney1
Dec 12Jan 9Crime Scene ProjectScienceBohnert, Paul2
Dec 5Dec 6Council Meeting NotesSocial StudiesHaidenger, Brayden1
Nov 28Dec 2Mock electionSocial StudiesHaidenger, Brayden2
Nov 22Nov 23Types of Local Government NotesSocial StudiesHaidenger, Brayden1
Nov 14Nov 24Local Government TermsSocial StudiesHaidenger, Brayden1
Nov 7Nov 7The Charter and you/ ReviewSocial StudiesHaidenger, Brayden1
Nov 4Nov 6Charter of rights and Freedoms rooted in the pastSocial StudiesHaidenger, Brayden1
Nov 3Nov 14"The Stone" English Language ArtsWehlage, Courtney1
Oct 28Oct 31Canada's Charter Of Rights and Freedoms NotesSocial StudiesHaidenger, Brayden1
Oct 28Oct 31Charter of Rights and Freedoms Flip ChartSocial StudiesHaidenger, Brayden1
Oct 28Oct 31Charter of Rights and Freedoms Flip ChartSocial StudiesHaidenger, Brayden1
Oct 26Oct 28Just Once Assessment English Language ArtsWehlage, Courtney0
Oct 17Oct 24Math Number concepts reviewMathematicsBohnert, Paul1
Oct 17Oct 24Math Number concepts review #2MathematicsBohnert, Paul1
Oct 17Oct 24"Just Once" by Thomas DygardEnglish Language ArtsWehlage, Courtney1
Oct 13Oct 18Trees and Forest Review - NotesScienceBohnert, Paul1
Oct 6Oct 18Trees/Plants and Forest Unit ExamScienceBohnert, Paul2
Oct 1Oct 18What is Government NotesSocial StudiesHaidenger, Brayden3
Sep 28Oct 3Short Story #1English Language ArtsWehlage, Courtney2
Sep 22Sep 23Quiz Review-Decision Making Term Study Social StudiesHaidenger, Brayden5
Sep 20Sep 21"Jack and the Beanstalk" Assessment English Language ArtsWehlage, Courtney1
Sep 19Sep 23Four Pillars of Democracy PlacematSocial StudiesHaidenger, Brayden3
Sep 6Sep 15Get to know you activitiesEnglish Language ArtsWehlage, Courtney0