Homeroom: 6D

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Assigned Due Homework Subject Teacher Files
Mar 10Mar 13Math 6 - 2D & 3D review answer keyMathematicsBohnert, Paul1
Mar 6Apr 10Iroquois WorkbookSocial StudiesUnger, Joni1
Mar 1Mar 6Sky Science Unit Exam review notesScienceBohnert, Paul1
Mar 1Mar 8Radio ShowEnglish Language ArtsUnger, Joni0
Feb 28Mar 2Clan Animals worksheetSocial StudiesUnger, Joni0
Feb 15Feb 27Short storyEnglish Language ArtsUnger, Joni1
Feb 6Feb 9Venn diagramSocial StudiesUnger, Joni1
Jan 30Feb 2Elements of PlotEnglish Language ArtsUnger, Joni1
Jan 19Jan 26Trading cardsScienceBohnert, Paul1
Dec 14Dec 19City of Ember Flip BookEnglish Language ArtsBooth, Brittany0
Dec 12Dec 15What Happens at Council Meetings? worksheetSocial StudiesBooth, Brittany2
Dec 12Dec 15Chapter 16 & 17 questionsEnglish Language ArtsBooth, Brittany1
Dec 12Jan 9Crime Scene ProjectScienceBohnert, Paul2
Dec 5Dec 12What the Heck is This & Wanted PosterEnglish Language ArtsBooth, Brittany1
Nov 21Nov 28Urban, Rural, Treaty Profile assignmentSocial StudiesBooth, Brittany1
Nov 3Nov 8Chapter 5 ReviewSocial StudiesBooth, Brittany1
Nov 2Nov 3Charter of Rights and Freedoms Powerpoint reviewSocial StudiesBooth, Brittany1
Nov 1Nov 2City of Ember Job Assignment QuestionsEnglish Language ArtsBooth, Brittany1
Oct 26Oct 27City of Ember Time Capsule assignmentEnglish Language ArtsBooth, Brittany1
Oct 25Dec 16City of Ember Complete Assignment PackageEnglish Language ArtsBooth, Brittany1
Oct 18Oct 25Letter-writing assignmentEnglish Language ArtsBooth, Brittany1
Oct 17Oct 24Math Number concepts reviewMathematicsBohnert, Paul1
Oct 17Oct 24Math Number concepts review #2MathematicsBohnert, Paul1
Oct 13Oct 18Trees and Forest Review - NotesScienceBohnert, Paul1
Oct 6Oct 18Trees/Plants and Forest Unit ExamScienceBohnert, Paul2
Oct 3Oct 17Capitalization and Punctuation BookletEnglish Language ArtsBooth, Brittany1
Sep 22Sep 26Sentences BookletEnglish Language ArtsBooth, Brittany1
Sep 22Sep 27Democracy Pillars Title PageSocial StudiesBooth, Brittany0
Sep 12Sep 19Geography Booklet & Map AssignmentSocial StudiesBooth, Brittany2