Homeroom: 6E

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Assigned Due Homework Subject Teacher Files
Mar 9Mar 13Provincial Government QuizSocial StudiesGalicia, Darlene0
Feb 3Feb 6Four Types of Conflict (Purple sheet) English Language ArtsGalicia, Darlene0
Jan 25Jan 27Local Government "mini quiz"Social StudiesGalicia, Darlene0
Jan 10Jan 31Unit 2 Exam-Evidence and InvestigationScienceFletcher, Brandon1
Jan 9Jan 19Unit 4 Exam-AnglesMathematicsFletcher, Brandon0
Nov 17Dec 9 Math 6-Unit 3 Exam-DecimalsMathematicsFletcher, Brandon0
Nov 1Nov 30Unit 1 Exam-Sky ScienceScienceFletcher, Brandon4