Homeroom: 6E

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Assigned Due Homework Subject Teacher Files
Mar 23Mar 28Harry Potter Chocolate Frog Mini-EssayEnglish Language ArtsLoman, Michele1
Mar 22Mar 26Harry Potter Chapter 6English Language ArtsLoman, Michele1
Mar 22Apr 10Statistics and Probability Performance taskMathematicsBexson, Tanner1
Mar 13Mar 19Harry Potter Chapter 5English Language ArtsLoman, Michele1
Mar 13Mar 20Social Studies chapter 8Social StudiesLoman, Michele7
Mar 13Mar 20Social Studies chapter 9Social StudiesLoman, Michele6
Mar 13Mar 20Social Studies TextbookSocial StudiesLoman, Michele2
Mar 12Jun 29Statistics and Probability NotesMathematicsBexson, Tanner1
Mar 2Jun 29Practice quiz for Evidence and InvestigationScienceBexson, Tanner1
Mar 1Jun 29Constellation Performance TaskScienceBexson, Tanner1
Feb 27Jun 29Chromatography Lab ReportScienceBexson, Tanner1
Feb 13Jun 29Evidence and investigation notesScienceBexson, Tanner1
Feb 6Jul 2practice quiz 2ScienceBexson, Tanner1
Feb 1Jun 29Constellation Performance TaskScienceBexson, Tanner1
Jan 24Jun 29Planet passport projectMathematicsBexson, Tanner2
Jan 19Jun 29Practice quiz for Jan 25ScienceBexson, Tanner1
Jan 19Jun 30Notes for sky science and transformationsScienceBexson, Tanner1
Nov 23Jun 29Practice quiz 4ScienceBexson, Tanner1
Nov 9Jun 29Measurement, Shape and Space notesMathematicsBexson, Tanner1
Nov 1Jun 29Intro to flight project assignmentScienceBexson, Tanner1
Nov 1Jun 29Flight notesScienceBexson, Tanner1
Oct 20Jun 29Glider Performance TaskMathematicsBexson, Tanner1
Oct 5Jun 29Practice assessment 3MathematicsBexson, Tanner1
Oct 3Jun 15Elements of NarrationEnglish Language ArtsKing-Hunter, Dawn1
Oct 2Jun 29Exam Bank Log-inEnglish Language ArtsKing-Hunter, Dawn1
Oct 2Jun 29Exam Bank Log-inSocial StudiesKing-Hunter, Dawn1
Oct 2Jun 29Angles PowerpointMathematicsBexson, Tanner1
Sep 26Jun 29Notes for Bernoulli's principle/Air/streamlining and algebraScienceBexson, Tanner2
Sep 22Jun 29Practice assessment 2ScienceBexson, Tanner1
Sep 22Jun 29Practice assessmentScienceBexson, Tanner1
Sep 13Jun 29Intro to Algebra assignmentMathematicsBexson, Tanner1
Sep 5Jun 29Course OutlineScienceBexson, Tanner1
Sep 5Jun 29Course OutlineMathematicsBexson, Tanner1