Homeroom: 6G

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Assigned Due Homework Subject Teacher Files
Mar 21Mar 24Family Wampum SymbolsSocial StudiesMuirhead, Laura0
Mar 20Mar 28Iroquois Confederacy Unit TestSocial StudiesMuirhead, Laura1
Mar 15Mar 23Science QuizScienceGrant, Kristin0
Mar 13Mar 21Short Story Rough DraftEnglish Language ArtsMuirhead, Laura0
Mar 10Mar 16Quiz: Unit 6 Triangles and Polygons- topics 1-5MathematicsOrr, Kim0
Mar 6Mar 9Iroquois Confederacy Mini QuizSocial StudiesMuirhead, Laura1
Feb 27Feb 233 Experiment Booklet (proving air takes up space and exerts pressure)ScienceGrant, Kristin0
Feb 26Mar 7Unit 5 ExamMathematicsOrr, Kim0
Jan 25Mar 1Book Talk AssignmentEnglish Language ArtsMuirhead, Laura1