Homeroom: 6G

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Assigned Due Homework Subject Teacher Files
Apr 28May 4Unit 7 ExamMathematicsOrr, Kim0
Apr 27May 31Ancient Athens Textbook ChapterSocial StudiesMuirhead, Laura0
Apr 25May 4AIR and FLIGHT UNIT EXAMScienceGrant, Kristin0
Apr 3Apr 5Building Parachutes AssignmentScienceGrant, Kristin1
Mar 31Apr 7Keyhole Paragraph AssignmentEnglish Language ArtsMuirhead, Laura0
Mar 30Apr 6AIR Quiz part 2ScienceGrant, Kristin0
Mar 23Mar 30Unit 6 ExamMathematicsOrr, Kim0
Mar 21Mar 24Family Wampum SymbolsSocial StudiesMuirhead, Laura0
Mar 20Mar 28Iroquois Confederacy Unit TestSocial StudiesMuirhead, Laura1
Mar 15Mar 23Science QuizScienceGrant, Kristin0
Mar 13Mar 21Short Story Rough DraftEnglish Language ArtsMuirhead, Laura0
Mar 10Mar 16Quiz: Unit 6 Triangles and Polygons- topics 1-5MathematicsOrr, Kim0
Mar 6Mar 9Iroquois Confederacy Mini QuizSocial StudiesMuirhead, Laura1
Feb 27Feb 233 Experiment Booklet (proving air takes up space and exerts pressure)ScienceGrant, Kristin0
Feb 26Mar 7Unit 5 ExamMathematicsOrr, Kim0
Feb 13Feb 16Paragraph of the WeekEnglish Language ArtsMuirhead, Laura0
Feb 7Feb 9PROVE that AIR existsScienceGrant, Kristin0
Feb 6Feb 10Provincial Government Board GameSocial StudiesMuirhead, Laura0
Feb 6Feb 14Quiz: Unit 5 Lessons 1-3MathematicsOrr, Kim0
Feb 2Feb 16Provincial Government Unit TestSocial StudiesMuirhead, Laura1
Feb 1Feb 2Exam Bank Practice QuestionsScienceGrant, Kristin0
Jan 26Jan 31Unit 4 ExamMathematicsOrr, Kim0
Jan 25Mar 1Book Talk AssignmentEnglish Language ArtsMuirhead, Laura1
Jan 24Jan 25There, They're, Their Homework CheckEnglish Language ArtsMuirhead, Laura0
Jan 23Jan 26Social Quiz - Provincial Govt.Social StudiesMuirhead, Laura0
Jan 23Feb 2Evidence &Investigation UNIT TestScienceGrant, Kristin2
Jan 19Jan 25Unit 4 Quiz- Angles in Triangles and QuadrilateralsMathematicsOrr, Kim0
Jan 13Jan 24Menu AssignmentEnglish Language ArtsMuirhead, Laura1
Jan 9Jan 11E & I Science QuizScienceGrant, Kristin1
Dec 23Jan 17Quiz- Unit 4 Angles: Lessons 1-4MathematicsOrr, Kim0
Dec 19Dec 22Movie Permission FormEnglish Language ArtsMuirhead, Laura1
Dec 16Dec 20Harry Potter Comic StripEnglish Language ArtsMuirhead, Laura0
Dec 13Dec 16Services Crest AssignmentSocial StudiesMuirhead, Laura1
Dec 12Dec 21Local Government Unit TestSocial StudiesMuirhead, Laura1
Dec 8Dec 20Unit 3 Exam: DecimalsMathematicsOrr, Kim0
Dec 6Dec 7Animal Tracks ScienceGrant, Kristin1
Dec 5Dec 8City Hall FieldtripSocial StudiesMuirhead, Laura1
Dec 2Dec 12Unit 3 QuizMathematicsOrr, Kim0
Dec 2Dec 19Unit 3 ExamMathematicsOrr, Kim0
Dec 2Dec 6Harry Potter Comic StripEnglish Language ArtsMuirhead, Laura0
Dec 2Dec 6Harry Potter Comic StripEnglish Language ArtsMuirhead, Laura0
Nov 30Dec 7Local Government QuizSocial StudiesMuirhead, Laura0
Nov 21Nov 28Sky Science Study GuideScienceGrant, Kristin1
Nov 16Nov 28Local Govt. HousesSocial StudiesMuirhead, Laura1
Nov 14Nov 15Science Shadow GraphsScienceGrant, Kristin0
Nov 14Nov 28Sky Science Unit ExamScienceGrant, Kristin0
Nov 8Nov 14Harry Potter Chapters 1-5 QuizEnglish Language ArtsMuirhead, Laura0
Nov 7Nov 15Unit 2 ExamMathematicsOrr, Kim0
Nov 3Nov 9Paper Bag AssignmentSocial StudiesMuirhead, Laura1
Nov 1Nov 8Charter Unit TestSocial StudiesMuirhead, Laura1
Oct 27Nov 3Unit 2 Quiz: Topics 7-9MathematicsOrr, Kim0
Oct 24Oct 28We Scare Hunger - Food DriveSocial StudiesMuirhead, Laura0
Oct 20Oct 27Unit 2 Quiz (Topics 1-5)MathematicsOrr, Kim0
Oct 13Oct 24Planet Trading CardsScienceGrant, Kristin1
Oct 3Nov 21Cereal Box Book ReportEnglish Language ArtsMuirhead, Laura1
Oct 2Oct 13Unit 1 ExamMathematicsOrr, Kim0
Sep 30Oct 3F.R.E.J. PosterSocial StudiesMuirhead, Laura0
Sep 30Oct 5Democracy TestSocial StudiesMuirhead, Laura1
Sep 30Oct 3Unit 1 DefinitionsMathematicsGrant, Kristin1
Sep 28Oct 4Quiz 2: Unit 1MathematicsOrr, Kim0
Sep 26Sep 28Unit 1 QuizMathematicsOrr, Kim0
Sep 19Jan 16G Reading LogEnglish Language ArtsMuirhead, Laura0
Sep 15Sep 19The Sun PosterScienceGrant, Kristin1
Sep 15Sep 19Sell PowerCards!Social StudiesMuirhead, Laura0
Sep 14Sep 21YOU Be the Mapmaker AssignmentSocial StudiesMuirhead, Laura1
Sep 9Sep 19Grade 6 BBQ InformationEnglish Language ArtsMuirhead, Laura1