Homeroom: 6H

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Assigned Due Homework Subject Teacher Files
Jun 4Jun 14A day in the life of... Ancient Athens AssignmentSocial StudiesSutherland, Drew0
May 30May 31Suggested SCIENCE review websiteScienceJohnston, Sheanne0
May 30May 31The Art of Crime DetectionScienceJohnston, Sheanne0
May 30May 31Cretaceous Crime SceneScienceJohnston, Sheanne0
May 29May 30Elementary, My Dear Watson homeworkScienceJohnston, Sheanne0
May 28Jun 8L.A Hoot Cover PageEnglish Language ArtsSutherland, Drew0
May 25May 29Hoot final comprehension testEnglish Language ArtsSutherland, Drew0
May 23May 24Flight Day ReminderMathematicsJohnston, Sheanne0
May 18May 25Ancient Athens Title PageSocial StudiesSutherland, Drew0
May 15May 16Flight and A & A reviewScienceJohnston, Sheanne0
May 14May 22Air, Aerodynamics, and Flight ExamScienceJohnston, Sheanne0
May 11May 17Fractions, Decimals, Ratios, and Percent Unit ExamMathematicsJohnston, Sheanne0
May 11May 17Iroquois FinalSocial StudiesSutherland, Drew0
May 9May 31THRILL OF FLIGHT WEBSITE FOR REVIEWScienceJohnston, Sheanne0
May 2May 8Iroquois Newspaper ArticleSocial StudiesSutherland, Drew0
May 1May 8Short Story Re-writesEnglish Language ArtsSutherland, Drew0
Apr 23May 10Written portion PATEnglish Language ArtsSutherland, Drew0
Apr 16May 1Iroquois Museum Group ProjectSocial StudiesSutherland, Drew0
Mar 27Mar 28Rounding and Long Multiplication QuizMathematicsJohnston, Sheanne0
Mar 21Mar 26CSI: Flight AdventureScienceJohnston, Sheanne0
Mar 21Mar 27Short StoryEnglish Language ArtsSutherland, Drew0
Mar 12Mar 15Notice and Note final comprehensionEnglish Language ArtsSutherland, Drew0
Mar 12Mar 19Iroquois Title PageSocial StudiesSutherland, Drew1
Mar 6Mar 13Measurement Unit FinalMathematicsJohnston, Sheanne0
Feb 13Mar 1Government Systems TestSocial StudiesSutherland, Drew3