Homeroom: 6I

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Assigned Due Homework Subject Teacher Files
Jun 16Jun 23END OF YEAR REVIEW - ScienceScienceUpton, Vanessa0
Jun 15Jun 20END OF YEAR REVIEW - MathMathematicsUpton, Vanessa5
Jun 15Jun 22END OF YEAR REVIEW - Social StudiesSocial StudiesUpton, Vanessa1
Jun 7Jun 8Math Unit 7 lessons 6 & 7MathematicsUpton, Vanessa1
Jun 7Jun 12LA - Phantom Tollbooth - Novel study workEnglish Language ArtsUpton, Vanessa1
Jun 6Jun 7Math Unit 7 Lessons 4 & 5MathematicsUpton, Vanessa2
May 31Jun 12Math workbooklets for Units 7 and 8MathematicsUpton, Vanessa3
May 30Jun 20Math PATMathematicsUpton, Vanessa0
May 30Jun 19LA PATEnglish Language ArtsUpton, Vanessa0
May 30Jun 22Social Studies PATSocial StudiesUpton, Vanessa0
May 30Jun 23Science PATScienceUpton, Vanessa0
May 29Jun 1LA 6 - NOVEL STUDY all flaps and questions to the end of CHAPTER 16English Language ArtsUpton, Vanessa0
May 29Jun 1Math UNIT 6 - review and UNIT EXAMMathematicsUpton, Vanessa0
May 29Jun 12social text chapter for Ancient AthensSocial StudiesUpton, Vanessa0