Homeroom: 6I

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Assigned Due Homework Subject Teacher Files
Jun 16Jun 23END OF YEAR REVIEW - ScienceScienceUpton, Vanessa0
Jun 15Jun 20END OF YEAR REVIEW - MathMathematicsUpton, Vanessa5
Jun 15Jun 22END OF YEAR REVIEW - Social StudiesSocial StudiesUpton, Vanessa1
Jun 7Jun 8Math Unit 7 lessons 6 & 7MathematicsUpton, Vanessa1
Jun 7Jun 12LA - Phantom Tollbooth - Novel study workEnglish Language ArtsUpton, Vanessa1
Jun 6Jun 7Math Unit 7 Lessons 4 & 5MathematicsUpton, Vanessa2
May 31Jun 12Math workbooklets for Units 7 and 8MathematicsUpton, Vanessa3
May 30Jun 19LA PATEnglish Language ArtsUpton, Vanessa0
May 30Jun 20Math PATMathematicsUpton, Vanessa0
May 30Jun 22Social Studies PATSocial StudiesUpton, Vanessa0
May 30Jun 23Science PATScienceUpton, Vanessa0
May 29Jun 1LA 6 - NOVEL STUDY all flaps and questions to the end of CHAPTER 16English Language ArtsUpton, Vanessa0
May 29Jun 12social text chapter for Ancient AthensSocial StudiesUpton, Vanessa0
May 29Jun 1Math UNIT 6 - review and UNIT EXAMMathematicsUpton, Vanessa0
May 18May 24Science 6 - PAPER AIRPLANE CONTESTScienceUpton, Vanessa0
May 18May 24Math 6 - UNIT 6 Lesson 4 in work bookletMathematicsUpton, Vanessa0
May 17May 24Science - parts and movements of a plane, 4 forces - QUIZScienceUpton, Vanessa0
May 17May 24LA 6 - The MATHEMAGICIAN poster with QUOTESEnglish Language ArtsUpton, Vanessa0
May 16May 18Math 6 - UNIT 6 Lesson 3 in workbookletMathematicsUpton, Vanessa1
May 9May 15Math - UNIT 5 - EXAM MathematicsUpton, Vanessa0
May 9May 12Math - unit 5 - STUDY GUIDEMathematicsUpton, Vanessa0
May 9May 11LA - Part A PAT - writingEnglish Language ArtsUpton, Vanessa0
May 9May 11LA - library period on Thursday CANCELLED DUE TO PAT but - BRING Your novel anywaysEnglish Language ArtsUpton, Vanessa0
May 9May 12GREEK AGORASocial StudiesUpton, Vanessa0
May 5May 10Science SLO#3 - Bernoulli posterScienceUpton, Vanessa0
Apr 28May 1Math 6 - Unit 5 Lessons 3 and 4 in HOMEWORK BOOKLETMathematicsUpton, Vanessa1
Apr 25May 1LA 6 - NOVEL STUDY chapter 10 questions, map and flap English Language ArtsUpton, Vanessa0
Apr 10Apr 13Iroquois Confederacy UNIT EXAM Social StudiesUpton, Vanessa1
Apr 7Apr 11Proving Air Takes Up Space and Exerts Pressure BookletScienceUpton, Vanessa1
Apr 7Apr 11Math Review for TestMathematicsUpton, Vanessa2
Apr 5Apr 11Rights and Responsibilities iphoneSocial StudiesUpton, Vanessa1
Mar 29Mar 30MATH TEXT MathematicsUpton, Vanessa1
Mar 29Apr 3Evidence & Investigation Study Guide - Test Monday, April 3ScienceUpton, Vanessa1
Mar 29Mar 31Angles in QuadrilateralsMathematicsUpton, Vanessa1
Mar 29Apr 3Evidence and Investigation Study Guide and Answers - Exam Monday!ScienceUpton, Vanessa1
Mar 23Mar 27Investigating Angles in TrianglesMathematicsUpton, Vanessa1
Mar 17Mar 20PE gym strip for Monday pleasePhysical EducationUpton, Vanessa0
Mar 16Mar 20LA Novel StudyEnglish Language ArtsUpton, Vanessa0
Mar 14Mar 20Social Studies - title pageSocial StudiesUpton, Vanessa3
Mar 10Mar 13week one - BRING YOUR NOVEL TO SCHOOL PLEASEEnglish Language ArtsUpton, Vanessa0
Mar 8Mar 8social 6 - NEW UNITScienceUpton, Vanessa1
Mar 6Mar 10Science 6 - Fingerprint assignmentScienceUpton, Vanessa1
Mar 6Apr 13The Phantom Tollbooth Novel study - QUESTIONS, FLAPS, and MAP from chapters 1-9English Language ArtsUpton, Vanessa0
Feb 27Mar 7Social Studies PROVINCIAL GOVERNMENT UNIT EXAM - moved to Tuesday!Social StudiesUpton, Vanessa3
Feb 16Mar 2Math - Unit 3 UNIT EXAMMathematicsUpton, Vanessa0
Feb 15Feb 27Math - Unit 3 SHOW WHAT YOU KNOW unit review p118,119 #1-15MathematicsUpton, Vanessa1
Feb 14Feb 27Social Studies - PROVINCIAL GOVERNMENT - fill in the blank bookletSocial StudiesUpton, Vanessa1
Feb 8Feb 9Math 6 - U3L5 #4c-f, 5, 6, 7MathematicsUpton, Vanessa0
Feb 7Feb 8Math U3L5 - Division with decimalsMathematicsUpton, Vanessa0
Feb 6Feb 7Science - EVIDENCE & INVESTIGATION - evening task due tomorrowScienceUpton, Vanessa1
Feb 3Feb 6Math 6: Unit 3 Lesson 4MathematicsUpton, Vanessa0
Jan 30Feb 1Social Studies - Who am I (in my6I provincial government)?Social StudiesUpton, Vanessa2
Jan 26Jan 27Math unit 3 lesson 3MathematicsUpton, Vanessa0
Jan 26Jan 27La interactive notebook - figurative language sortEnglish Language ArtsUpton, Vanessa0
Jan 25Jan 25optional evening field tripScienceUpton, Vanessa0
Jan 23Jan 24Social Studies - notes to duotangSocial StudiesUpton, Vanessa0
Jan 23Jan 27LA - bring your novel/library book to school for the week pleaseEnglish Language ArtsUpton, Vanessa0
Jan 23Jan 27SKY SCIENCE UNIT EXAM (& study guide questions due the 26th)ScienceUpton, Vanessa1
Jan 16Jan 23MATH - quiz U3L2MathematicsUpton, Vanessa2
Jan 16Jan 23Social Studies - STUDY GUIDE - UNIT EXAM MONDAYSocial StudiesUpton, Vanessa2
Jan 12Jan 23Planet trading cards for SKY SCIENCEScienceUpton, Vanessa3