Homeroom: 7A

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Assigned Due Homework Subject Teacher Files
Feb 20Mar 4Chapter 7 Unit TestMathematicsMuirhead, Laura0
Feb 15Feb 15Heat and Temperature Unit TestScienceAnderson, Joel1
Feb 13Feb 147.2 Practice QuestionsMathematicsMuirhead, Laura0
Feb 12Feb 16Adding Fractions QuizMathematicsMuirhead, Laura0
Feb 8Feb 12Quiz CorrectionsScienceAnderson, Joel0
Jan 23Jan 30Chapter 6 In-Class AssignmentMathematicsMuirhead, Laura0
Jan 16Jan 23Chapter 5 ProjectSocial StudiesSutherland, Drew1
Jan 16Feb 2Math 7 MidtermMathematicsMuirhead, Laura0
Jan 16Jan 23Book Talk English Language ArtsBabki, Jodie1
Jan 16Jan 25Chapter 5 TestSocial StudiesSutherland, Drew0
Oct 16Jun 30Math 7 MoodleMathematicsMuirhead, Laura0