Homeroom: 7A

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Assigned Due Homework Subject Teacher Files
Sep 21Sep 25Chapter 1 ReviewMathematicsMuirhead, Laura1
Sep 21Sep 28Geography MapSocial StudiesSutherland, Drew1
Sep 20Sep 25Bubble Gum LabScienceAnderson, Joel0
Sep 20Sep 22Rotations PracticeMathematicsMuirhead, Laura1
Sep 19Sep 20Reflections PracticeMathematicsMuirhead, Laura1
Sep 19Sep 21Graphing Data WorksheetScienceAnderson, Joel0
Sep 13Sep 25Chapter 1 QuizSocial StudiesSutherland, Drew1
Sep 13Sep 25Chapter 1 - Unit TestMathematicsMuirhead, Laura0
Sep 12Sep 131.2 Identifying Ordered Pairs PracticeMathematicsMuirhead, Laura0
Sep 12Sep 18Chapter 1 QuizMathematicsMuirhead, Laura0
Sep 11Sep 121.1 Cartesian Plane PracticeMathematicsMuirhead, Laura0
Sep 7Sep 11Figure Me Out TaskMathematicsMuirhead, Laura0
Sep 7Sep 7Geography bookletSocial StudiesSutherland, Drew0
Sep 7Sep 13My Inner CircleEnglish Language ArtsBabki, Jodie1
Jun 6Jun 13Chapter 12 TestMathematicsSutherland, Drew0
Jun 1Jun 12Chapter 13 + 14 TestSocial StudiesSutherland, Drew2
Jun 1Jun 23LA FINAL exam English Language ArtsKeller, Susan2
Jun 1Jun 26Final Exam ReviewSocial StudiesSutherland, Drew2
May 31Jun 8Flipped - testEnglish Language ArtsKeller, Susan3
May 25Jun 1Chapter 11 Unit ExamMathematicsSutherland, Drew0
May 18May 25Chapter 11 and 12 TestSocial StudiesSutherland, Drew2
May 17May 25Chapters 1-8English Language ArtsKeller, Susan1
May 11May 18Acrostic PoemSocial StudiesSutherland, Drew1
May 8May 18Immigration FeastSocial StudiesSutherland, Drew0
May 2May 11Unit 10 finalMathematicsSutherland, Drew0
May 1May 8Chapter 10 timelineSocial StudiesSutherland, Drew1
Apr 26May 3Chapter 10 TestSocial StudiesSutherland, Drew2
Apr 12May 2Paragraph portfolioEnglish Language ArtsKeller, Susan2
Apr 12May 11Written FINAL EXAM English Language ArtsKeller, Susan2
Apr 7Apr 25spelling week #13English Language ArtsKeller, Susan1
Apr 6Apr 13Unit 9 TestMathematicsSutherland, Drew0
Apr 6Apr 10Persuasive paragraph planningEnglish Language ArtsKeller, Susan1
Apr 4Apr 5Narrative paragraphEnglish Language ArtsKeller, Susan1
Apr 4Apr 11Chapter 9 TestSocial StudiesSutherland, Drew1
Apr 3Apr 5Chapter 9 in class assignmentSocial StudiesSutherland, Drew0
Mar 23Mar 29Political Cartoon AnalysisSocial StudiesSutherland, Drew2
Mar 20Mar 28Louis Riel TrialSocial StudiesSutherland, Drew2
Mar 20Apr 13spelling week #12English Language ArtsKeller, Susan1
Mar 15Mar 23Unit 8 TestMathematicsOrr, Kim0
Mar 15Mar 22Chapter 8 TestSocial StudiesSutherland, Drew2
Mar 10Mar 24spelling week #11English Language ArtsKeller, Susan1
Mar 7Mar 14Quiz: Chapter 8- Topics 8.1-8.4MathematicsOrr, Kim0
Mar 1Mar 8Confederation PosterSocial StudiesSutherland, Drew1
Feb 27Mar 6Chapter 7 TestSocial StudiesSutherland, Drew2
Feb 26Mar 7Unit 7 ExamMathematicsOrr, Kim0
Feb 15Mar 16spelling week #10 English Language ArtsKeller, Susan1
Feb 9Feb 15Advertising assignmentEnglish Language ArtsKeller, Susan1
Feb 8Feb 27Book talksEnglish Language ArtsKeller, Susan2
Feb 1Feb 7Quiz: Topics 7.1 and 7.2 (Finding common denominators, and adding/subtracting fractions)MathematicsOrr, Kim0
Feb 1Feb 8Chapter 6 TestSocial StudiesSutherland, Drew2
Feb 1Feb 9Chapter 6 Postage StampSocial StudiesSutherland, Drew1
Feb 1Feb 7Advisor BoxSocial StudiesSutherland, Drew0
Jan 31Feb 14Math 7 Midterm ExamMathematicsOrr, Kim0
Jan 30Mar 3week #9 spelling listEnglish Language ArtsKeller, Susan1
Jan 27Feb 1Science Expo - Proposal PageScienceTyslau, Andy1
Jan 20Feb 10week #8 spelling wordsEnglish Language ArtsKeller, Susan1
Jan 19Jan 26Unit 6 Exam: Factors, Adding and Subtracting Decimals MathematicsOrr, Kim0
Jan 13Jan 20Chapter 5 TestSocial StudiesSutherland, Drew2
Jan 10Jan 24Things Not Seen Final examEnglish Language ArtsKeller, Susan2
Jan 9Jan 27Week #7 Spelling listEnglish Language ArtsKeller, Susan1
Dec 23Jan 12Unit 5 Exam: ProbabilityMathematicsOrr, Kim5
Dec 13Dec 19Things Not Seen - workEnglish Language ArtsKeller, Susan0
Dec 12Dec 20Quiz: Topics 5.3 and 5.4- ProbabilityMathematicsOrr, Kim0
Dec 12Dec 14Chapter 18 illustrative panelsEnglish Language ArtsKeller, Susan1
Dec 12Dec 21Fur Trading contestSocial StudiesSutherland, Drew0
Dec 12Dec 22Chapter 4 QuizSocial StudiesSutherland, Drew2
Dec 8Dec 19Dog House projectScienceTyslau, Andy3
Dec 2Dec 8Quiz: Topics 5.1 and 5.2MathematicsOrr, Kim0
Nov 21Nov 28Chapter 3 Comic StripSocial StudiesSutherland, Drew1
Nov 18Dec 2Spelling test week #6English Language ArtsKeller, Susan1
Nov 17Nov 24Chapter 3 Test Social StudiesSutherland, Drew2
Nov 17Nov 28Things Not Seen workbookEnglish Language ArtsKeller, Susan1
Nov 16Nov 23Particle Model of Matter AssignmentScienceTyslau, Andy2
Nov 15Nov 30Unit 4 ExamMathematicsOrr, Kim0
Nov 10Nov 17Chapter 4 Quiz- Topics 4.1 and 4.2 MathematicsOrr, Kim0
Nov 4Nov 25Week #5 spelling listEnglish Language ArtsKeller, Susan1
Oct 31Nov 8Math: Unit 3 Exam MathematicsOrr, Kim0
Oct 27Nov 2Jigsaw Puzzle, Chapter 2 projectSocial StudiesSutherland, Drew2
Oct 26Nov 2Chapter 2 ExamSocial StudiesSutherland, Drew2
Oct 25Nov 3SCIENCE UNIT EXAMScienceTyslau, Andy1
Oct 21Nov 4week #4 spelling listEnglish Language ArtsKeller, Susan1
Oct 21Oct 27Unit 3 Quiz: Topics 3.1-3.3MathematicsOrr, Kim0
Oct 14Oct 21week #3 spelling listEnglish Language ArtsKeller, Susan1
Oct 12Oct 19Science Quiz - Sections 1 and 2ScienceTyslau, Andy0
Oct 12Oct 19Sentence Structure AssignmentEnglish Language ArtsKeller, Susan2
Oct 7Oct 14RECAP - Plant ProcessesScienceTyslau, Andy0
Oct 2Oct 13Chapter 2 Exam- DecimalsMathematicsOrr, Kim0
Sep 29Oct 20Chapter 1 Mapping AssignmentSocial StudiesSutherland, Drew1
Sep 29Oct 4Sentence Fluency PracticeEnglish Language ArtsKeller, Susan1
Sep 28Oct 4Quiz: Chapter 2- Topics 2.1-2.3MathematicsOrr, Kim0
Sep 27Oct 3Plant of the Year AssignmentScienceTyslau, Andy1
Sep 22Sep 28Recap Video Assessment (2 questions)ScienceTyslau, Andy1
Sep 22Sep 26Section 1 assignmentScienceTyslau, Andy0
Sep 19Sep 27Unit 1 TestMathematicsOrr, Kim0
Sep 9Sep 28spelling test #1English Language ArtsKeller, Susan0