Homeroom: 7B

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Assigned Due Homework Subject Teacher Files
Mar 24Mar 22Chapter 8 testSocial StudiesKeller, Susan1
Mar 23Mar 27Textbook questions chpt 8MathematicsGrant, Kristin0
Mar 23Mar 21Louis Riel graphic novelSocial StudiesKeller, Susan3
Mar 23Mar 28Chapter 8 Test (CIrcles)MathematicsGrant, Kristin0
Mar 15Mar 20First two pages of Chapter 8 guided notesSocial StudiesKeller, Susan2
Mar 13Mar 15Post Confederation title pageSocial StudiesKeller, Susan1
Mar 10Mar 24spelling week #11Social StudiesKeller, Susan1
Mar 9Mar 10Subtract Mixed NumbersMathematicsGrant, Kristin1
Mar 8Mar 9Adding Mixed NumbersMathematicsGrant, Kristin0
Mar 8Mar 13Chapter 7 quizSocial StudiesKeller, Susan1
Mar 1Mar 6Adding and Subtracting Fractions QUIZMathematicsGrant, Kristin0
Feb 28Mar 1Adding FractionsMathematicsGrant, Kristin0
Feb 27Mar 10Chapter 7 TestMathematicsGrant, Kristin1
Feb 15Mar 16spelling week #10 English Language ArtsKeller, Susan1
Feb 8Feb 27Book talksEnglish Language ArtsKeller, Susan2
Jan 30Mar 3week #9 spelling listEnglish Language ArtsKeller, Susan1