Homeroom: 7B

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Assigned Due Homework Subject Teacher Files
Oct 31Oct 31Unit A Test: Multiple ChoiceScienceAnderson, Joel0
Oct 30Oct 30Unit A Test: WrittenScienceAnderson, Joel0
Oct 19Oct 23Chapter 2 PowerPointSocial StudiesKing-Hunter, Dawn1
Oct 19Oct 23Jacques Cartier TimelineSocial StudiesKing-Hunter, Dawn1
Oct 17Oct 26Endangered Species ProjectScienceAnderson, Joel1
Oct 16Oct 26Chapter 2 Unit ExamMathematicsMolas, Justin0
Oct 13Oct 18Succession Worksheet and DiagramScienceAnderson, Joel1
Oct 3Oct 10Mini Hertage ProjectSocial StudiesKing-Hunter, Dawn1
Oct 3Oct 12Chapter 1 TestSocial StudiesKing-Hunter, Dawn1
Oct 2Oct 4Wolves in Yellowstone National ParkScienceAnderson, Joel0
Sep 28Oct 2Section 1 AssignmentScienceAnderson, Joel1
Sep 27Sep 27Check your Ecological FootprintScienceAnderson, Joel0
Sep 27Oct 4Iqbal Chapters 1-4 Vocabulary Quiz English Language ArtsOliver, Amanda1
Sep 20Sep 25Bubble Gum LabScienceAnderson, Joel1
Sep 19Sep 21Graphing Data WorksheetScienceAnderson, Joel0
Sep 14Sep 21Chapter 1 Unit ExamMathematicsMolas, Justin0
Sep 11Sep 14Map of CanadaSocial StudiesKing-Hunter, Dawn1
Jun 12Jun 16chapter 14 guided notesSocial StudiesKeller, Susan1
Jun 12Jun 19Chapters 12, 13 and 14 QuizSocial StudiesKeller, Susan1
Jun 8Jun 12Chpt 12 Textbook QuestionsMathematicsGrant, Kristin0
Jun 5Jun 13Chapter 13 guided notesSocial StudiesKeller, Susan2
Jun 1Jun 23LA FINAL exam English Language ArtsKeller, Susan2
May 31Jun 8Flipped - testEnglish Language ArtsKeller, Susan3
May 31Jun 5Chapter 12 Immigration poemSocial StudiesKeller, Susan1
May 29May 3111.4 Text QuestionsMathematicsGrant, Kristin0
May 25May 2911.3 Textbook QuestionsMathematicsGrant, Kristin0
May 23Jun 2Chapter 12 guided notesSocial StudiesKeller, Susan1
May 19Jun 21SS 7 review Social StudiesKeller, Susan1
May 17May 25Chapters 1-8English Language ArtsKeller, Susan1
May 11May 18Chapter 11 testSocial StudiesKeller, Susan1
May 5May 10Chapter 11 guided notesSocial StudiesKeller, Susan2
May 5May 8Your cultural heritage worksheet!Social StudiesKeller, Susan1
Apr 26May 3Chapter 10 testSocial StudiesKeller, Susan2
Apr 13Apr 25Map of CanadaSocial StudiesKeller, Susan1
Apr 12May 2Paragraph portfolioEnglish Language ArtsKeller, Susan2
Apr 12May 11Written FINAL EXAM English Language ArtsKeller, Susan2
Apr 11Apr 28Chapter 10 guided notesSocial StudiesKeller, Susan1
Apr 7Apr 25spelling week #13English Language ArtsKeller, Susan1
Apr 6Apr 10Persuasive paragraph planningEnglish Language ArtsKeller, Susan1
Apr 5Apr 10Chapter 9 Promotional PosterSocial StudiesKeller, Susan1
Apr 4Apr 11Chapter 9 testSocial StudiesKeller, Susan3
Apr 3Apr 49.1 MathematicsGrant, Kristin0
Mar 30Apr 3Chapter 9.1 QuestionsMathematicsGrant, Kristin0
Mar 29Apr 3expository paragraphEnglish Language ArtsKeller, Susan1
Mar 24Mar 29Chapter 8 testSocial StudiesKeller, Susan2
Mar 23Mar 27Textbook questions chpt 8MathematicsGrant, Kristin0
Mar 23Mar 28Chapter 8 Test (CIrcles)MathematicsGrant, Kristin0
Mar 23Mar 27Louis Riel graphic novelSocial StudiesKeller, Susan3
Mar 20Apr 13spelling week #12English Language ArtsKeller, Susan1
Mar 15Mar 20First two pages of Chapter 8 guided notesSocial StudiesKeller, Susan2
Mar 13Mar 15Post Confederation title pageSocial StudiesKeller, Susan1
Mar 10Mar 24spelling week #11Social StudiesKeller, Susan1
Mar 9Mar 10Subtract Mixed NumbersMathematicsGrant, Kristin1
Mar 8Mar 13Chapter 7 quizSocial StudiesKeller, Susan1
Mar 8Mar 9Adding Mixed NumbersMathematicsGrant, Kristin0
Mar 1Mar 6Adding and Subtracting Fractions QUIZMathematicsGrant, Kristin0
Feb 28Mar 1Adding FractionsMathematicsGrant, Kristin0
Feb 27Mar 10Chapter 7 TestMathematicsGrant, Kristin1
Feb 15Mar 16spelling week #10 English Language ArtsKeller, Susan1
Feb 9Feb 15Advertising assignmentEnglish Language ArtsKeller, Susan1
Feb 8Feb 13Chapter 5&6 postcardSocial StudiesKeller, Susan0
Feb 8Feb 27Book talksEnglish Language ArtsKeller, Susan2
Feb 7Feb 13Chapter 6 TESTSocial StudiesKeller, Susan2
Jan 30Mar 3week #9 spelling listEnglish Language ArtsKeller, Susan1
Jan 30Feb 14 Math MID TERMMathematicsGrant, Kristin0
Jan 30Feb 14 Math MID TERMMathematicsGrant, Kristin0
Jan 27Feb 1Science Expo - Proposal PageScienceTyslau, Andy1
Jan 24Feb 6Chapter 6 guided notesSocial StudiesKeller, Susan0
Jan 23Jan 246.2 Practice questionsMathematicsGrant, Kristin0
Jan 20Feb 10week #8 spelling wordsEnglish Language ArtsKeller, Susan1
Jan 16Jan 20Chapter 5 Timeline projectSocial StudiesKeller, Susan1
Jan 11Jan 125.5 Practice QuestionsMathematicsGrant, Kristin0
Jan 10Jan 16Chapter 5 TestMathematicsGrant, Kristin0
Jan 10Jan 24Things Not Seen Final examEnglish Language ArtsKeller, Susan2
Jan 9Jan 105.4 Practice questionsMathematicsGrant, Kristin0
Jan 9Jan 19Chapter 5 guided notesSocial StudiesKeller, Susan2
Jan 9Jan 27Week #7 Spelling listEnglish Language ArtsKeller, Susan1
Dec 19Dec 205.3 Practice QuestionsMathematicsGrant, Kristin0
Dec 15Dec 195.2 Practice QuestionsMathematicsGrant, Kristin0
Dec 13Dec 19Things Not Seen - workEnglish Language ArtsKeller, Susan0
Dec 12Dec 14Chapter 18 illustrative panelsEnglish Language ArtsKeller, Susan1
Dec 8Dec 19Dog House projectScienceTyslau, Andy3
Dec 8Dec 15Chapter 4 - part B notesSocial StudiesKeller, Susan1
Dec 5Dec 8Chapter 4 Test (no calculators)MathematicsGrant, Kristin0
Dec 5Dec 9Chapter 4 Test (calculators allowed)MathematicsGrant, Kristin0
Dec 5Dec 9fur trading mapSocial StudiesKeller, Susan3
Nov 30Dec 14.2 Practice QuestionsMathematicsGrant, Kristin0
Nov 18Nov 22Chapter 3 FINAL examSocial StudiesKeller, Susan1
Nov 18Dec 2Spelling test week #6English Language ArtsKeller, Susan1
Nov 17Nov 28Things Not Seen workbookEnglish Language ArtsKeller, Susan1
Nov 16Nov 17Review for the Chapter 3 TestMathematicsGrant, Kristin1
Nov 16Nov 23Particle Model of Matter AssignmentScienceTyslau, Andy2
Nov 15Nov 163.5 Practice QuestionsMathematicsGrant, Kristin0
Nov 15Nov 18Chapter 3 TimelineSocial StudiesKeller, Susan4
Nov 9Nov 14Topic 3.4 Practice Questions MathematicsGrant, Kristin0
Nov 7Nov 83.3 Angle Bisector Practice QuestionsMathematicsGrant, Kristin0
Nov 7Nov 17Chapter 3 Unit TestMathematicsGrant, Kristin0
Nov 4Nov 25Week #5 spelling listEnglish Language ArtsKeller, Susan1
Nov 4Nov 18Chapter 3 workbookletSocial StudiesKeller, Susan2
Nov 3Nov 8Chapter 3 Quiz (3.1 - 3.3)MathematicsGrant, Kristin0
Nov 2Nov 33.2 Perpendicular BisectorsMathematicsGrant, Kristin0
Nov 1Nov 23.1 Geometry practice questionsMathematicsGrant, Kristin1
Oct 25Nov 3SCIENCE UNIT EXAMScienceTyslau, Andy1
Oct 25Oct 31Chapter 2 Unit testSocial StudiesKeller, Susan1
Oct 24Oct 27Chapter 2 Unit TestMathematicsGrant, Kristin1
Oct 24Oct 27Chapter 2 puzzle projectSocial StudiesKeller, Susan1
Oct 21Nov 4week #4 spelling listEnglish Language ArtsKeller, Susan1
Oct 20Oct 24Chapter 2 Assignment (multiply and divide decimals)MathematicsGrant, Kristin1
Oct 17Oct 24Chapter 2 booklet - guided notesSocial StudiesKeller, Susan2