Homeroom: 7C

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Assigned Due Homework Subject Teacher Files
Apr 25Apr 26Mi'kmaq Case Study Social StudiesSchmold, Danielle1
Apr 13Apr 26Expository Paragraph Planning Sheet and Rough Draft English Language ArtsSchmold, Danielle1
Apr 12May 4Chapter 10 Timeline Social StudiesSchmold, Danielle1
Apr 11Apr 26Science: Structure and Forces 1.3 Famous Structure AssignmentScienceLetasy, Ryan1
Apr 11Apr 12Math Chapter 8 Practice #2MathematicsLetasy, Ryan1
Apr 7Apr 10Math Chapter 8 ReviewMathematicsLetasy, Ryan0
Apr 5Apr 6Math Chapter 8.5 MathematicsLetasy, Ryan0
Apr 4Apr 5Math Chapter 8.4 homeworkMathematicsLetasy, Ryan0
Apr 4Apr 10Chapter 9 Test -April 10th Social StudiesSchmold, Danielle4
Apr 3Apr 4Math: Chapter 8 Pie charts 1MathematicsLetasy, Ryan2
Apr 1Apr 11Spelling Test 10- April 11th English Language ArtsSchmold, Danielle1
Mar 29Apr 3Science: Heat and Temperature Review ScienceLetasy, Ryan1
Mar 27May 4Paragraph PortfolioEnglish Language ArtsSchmold, Danielle5
Mar 27Mar 29Math Chapter 8.3 Textbook MathematicsLetasy, Ryan0
Mar 27Mar 29Science Heat 4.1 and 4.2 ScienceLetasy, Ryan2
Mar 27Mar 29Math: Chapter 8 Area and Circle worksheetMathematicsLetasy, Ryan2
Mar 27Mar 29Descriptive Paragraph Rough DraftEnglish Language ArtsSchmold, Danielle1
Mar 24Mar 27Math Chapter 8: Extra Practice 1MathematicsLetasy, Ryan1
Mar 24Mar 27Science Heat: 3.3 Heat Loss and Insulation ScienceLetasy, Ryan1
Mar 24Mar 27Math Chapter 8: Circumference worksheet MathematicsLetasy, Ryan2
Mar 14Mar 28Spelling Test 9- March 28th English Language ArtsSchmold, Danielle1