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Assigned Due Homework Subject Teacher Files
Jan 19Jan 22Math Chapter 5 Review MathematicsLetasy, Ryan1
Jan 19Jan 22Math Chapter 5 Review MathematicsLetasy, Ryan1
Jan 17Jan 19Math Chapter 5.5 MathematicsLetasy, Ryan0
Jan 16Jan 24Chapter 5 ProjectSocial StudiesSchmold, Danielle1
Jan 15Jan 31Show and Tell Your Hotel English Language ArtsSchmold, Danielle1
Jan 15Jan 26Structure and Forces: Human Structures AssignmentScienceLetasy, Ryan1
Jan 15Jan 22Research portion of Show and Tell Hotel English Language ArtsSchmold, Danielle0
Jan 11Jan 12Math Chapter 5 Practice 1MathematicsLetasy, Ryan1
Jan 10Jan 11Math Chapter 5.2 QuestionsMathematicsLetasy, Ryan0
Jan 9Jan 10Math Chapter 5.1 QuestionsMathematicsLetasy, Ryan0
Jan 1Jan 23Chapter 5 Test Social StudiesSchmold, Danielle2
Dec 14Dec 15Math Chapter 3 Parallelogram and 3.2 & 3.3MathematicsLetasy, Ryan2
Dec 13Dec 21Advertisement Assignment English Language ArtsSchmold, Danielle1
Dec 12Dec 13Chapter 3: Math Angle WorksheetsMathematicsLetasy, Ryan4
Dec 12Dec 19Plants for Food & Fibre Unit Review Answer KeyScienceLetasy, Ryan1
Dec 11Dec 12Math Chapter 3 worksheets and 3.1 textbookMathematicsLetasy, Ryan2
Dec 8Dec 15Math ProdigyMathematicsLetasy, Ryan1
Dec 7Dec 20Chapter 4 Social Project Social StudiesSchmold, Danielle1
Dec 6Dec 12Unit B QuizScienceLetasy, Ryan1
Dec 6Dec 19Unit B Exam - WrittenScienceLetasy, Ryan1
Dec 6Dec 20Unit B Exam - Multiple ChoiceScienceLetasy, Ryan1
Dec 6Dec 15Space Seeds Lab ReportScienceLetasy, Ryan0
Dec 4Dec 11Plant Profile ProjectScienceLetasy, Ryan0
Dec 4Dec 14Chapter 4 Test Social StudiesSchmold, Danielle5
Dec 4Dec 18Advertisement QuizEnglish Language ArtsSchmold, Danielle1
Dec 1Dec 4Math Chapter 4 Practice 8MathematicsLetasy, Ryan1
Nov 30Dec 2JUST NOTES- Chapter 4 part a notebook. Social StudiesSchmold, Danielle1
Nov 29Nov 30Chapter 4 Practice #7MathematicsLetasy, Ryan1
Nov 23Nov 27 Math Chapter 4.2 MathematicsLetasy, Ryan0
Nov 21Nov 22Math Chapter 4 Practice 6MathematicsLetasy, Ryan1
Nov 20Nov 21Math Chapter 4 Extra Practice worksheetMathematicsLetasy, Ryan1
Nov 16Nov 17Math Chapter 4 Practice #5MathematicsLetasy, Ryan1
Nov 16Nov 20chapter 4 vocabSocial StudiesSchmold, Danielle1
Nov 14Nov 17Virtual Garden AssignmentScienceLetasy, Ryan1
Nov 14Nov 15Math Chapter 4: Practice #4MathematicsLetasy, Ryan1
Nov 13Nov 14Math Chapter 4: Practice #3MathematicsLetasy, Ryan1
Nov 7Nov 8Math Extra Practice & Chapter 4 Practice #2MathematicsLetasy, Ryan2
Nov 3Nov 16Chapter 3 Brochure Project Social StudiesSchmold, Danielle1
Nov 1Nov 6Fish in a Tree Paragraph Quiz English Language ArtsSchmold, Danielle1
Nov 1Nov 16Chapter 3 Social Test ** MOVED TO THURSDAY NOVEMBER 16thSocial StudiesSchmold, Danielle3
Nov 1Nov 29Poetry Quiz English Language ArtsSchmold, Danielle1
Oct 25Nov 7Fish in a Tree Final Project English Language ArtsSchmold, Danielle8
Oct 24Oct 25Math 2.3 Questions and WorksheetMathematicsLetasy, Ryan1
Oct 23Oct 24Math Chapter 2.3MathematicsLetasy, Ryan0
Oct 19Oct 26Unit A Study Guide AnswersScienceLetasy, Ryan1
Oct 18Oct 26Unit A Study GuideScienceLetasy, Ryan1
Oct 17Oct 23Science Section 4 Notes AnswersScienceLetasy, Ryan1
Oct 17Oct 18Math Chapter 2 Practice #3MathematicsLetasy, Ryan1
Oct 16Oct 17Math Chapter 2 Division worksheet 1 MathematicsLetasy, Ryan1
Oct 13Oct 27Interactions & Ecosystems ProjectScienceLetasy, Ryan1
Oct 12Oct 13Chapter 2 Practice #2MathematicsLetasy, Ryan1
Oct 12Oct 24Chapter 2 Puzzle Assignment Social StudiesSchmold, Danielle2
Oct 11Oct 26Section 3.0 & 4.0 NotesScienceLetasy, Ryan2
Oct 11Oct 24Unit A Writing AssignmentScienceLetasy, Ryan0
Oct 11Oct 26Interactions & Ecosystems Unit ExamScienceLetasy, Ryan0
Oct 11Oct 12Chapter 2 Extra Practice #1MathematicsLetasy, Ryan1
Oct 11Oct 12Chapter 2 Extra Practice #1MathematicsLetasy, Ryan1
Oct 6Oct 11Math Chapter 2 Worksheet 3 by 1 decimal multiplicationMathematicsLetasy, Ryan1
Oct 5Oct 6Math Chapter 2.2 Textbook MathematicsLetasy, Ryan0
Oct 3Oct 4Math Chapter 2 worksheets 3 MathematicsLetasy, Ryan2
Oct 2Oct 3Math Chapter 2.1 MathematicsLetasy, Ryan0
Oct 1Oct 4Section 1 & 2 QuizScienceLetasy, Ryan2
Oct 1Oct 23Chapter 2 Social Test - Monday October 23rd Social StudiesSchmold, Danielle5
Sep 29Oct 2Food Chains & Food Webs NotesScienceLetasy, Ryan1
Sep 27Sep 28Chapter 2 Vocabulary Social StudiesSchmold, Danielle1
Sep 27Sep 28Math Chapter 2 worksheets 2MathematicsLetasy, Ryan3
Sep 26Sep 27Chapter 2 Worksheet 1MathematicsLetasy, Ryan2
Sep 26Sep 27Section 1.3 & 2.1 NotesScienceLetasy, Ryan1
Sep 21Sep 25Math Chapter 1 Transformations and Flip, Slide and Turn WorksheetMathematicsLetasy, Ryan2
Sep 21Sep 25Math Chapter 1 Unit ExamMathematicsLetasy, Ryan0
Sep 20Sep 21Math Chapter 1 Translation and Rotation worksheetMathematicsLetasy, Ryan2
Sep 18Sep 19Math Chapter 1 Transformation WorksheetsMathematicsLetasy, Ryan3
Sep 14Sep 18Bubble Gum Lab ReportScienceLetasy, Ryan1
Sep 14Sep 18Math Chapter 1.3 Questions MathematicsLetasy, Ryan0
Sep 12Sep 13Math Chapter 1 Worksheet 3 MathematicsLetasy, Ryan4
Sep 11Sep 12Science Baking Soda Lab ReportScienceLetasy, Ryan1
Sep 11Sep 12Chapter 1 Practice Worksheet 2MathematicsLetasy, Ryan2
Sep 8Sep 11Math Chapter 1 Worksheet 1 MathematicsLetasy, Ryan2
Sep 8Sep 12Science Variable DefinitionsScienceLetasy, Ryan1
Sep 8Sep 12Chapter 1 Vocabulary Social StudiesSchmold, Danielle1
Sep 7Sep 29Math Course OutlineMathematicsLetasy, Ryan1
Sep 7Sep 29Science Course OutlineScienceLetasy, Ryan1
Sep 5Sep 5Language Arts Course Outline 2017-2018 English Language ArtsSchmold, Danielle1
Sep 5Sep 5Social Studies Course Outline 2017-2018 Social StudiesSchmold, Danielle1
Sep 5Sep 26Chapter 1 TestSocial StudiesSchmold, Danielle3
Sep 5Sep 25Chapter 1 Assignment Social StudiesSchmold, Danielle1
Jun 20Jun 21Math Chapter 10 Review MathematicsLetasy, Ryan1
Jun 19Jun 20Math Chapter 9 ReviewMathematicsLetasy, Ryan1
Jun 15Jun 16Science Planet Earth 4.2 ScienceLetasy, Ryan1
Jun 13Jun 14Science: Planet Earth 3.3 ScienceLetasy, Ryan1
Jun 13Jun 14Math Chapter 12 WorksheetMathematicsLetasy, Ryan1
Jun 9Jun 12Math Chapter 11 ReviewMathematicsLetasy, Ryan0
Jun 9Jun 12Science: Planet Earth 2.3 Rock CycleScienceLetasy, Ryan1
Jun 8Jun 9Science: Planet Earth 2.1-2.2ScienceLetasy, Ryan2
Jun 7Jun 8Math Chapter 11.4 MathematicsLetasy, Ryan0
Jun 6Jun 7Math Chapter 11.3 and 11.4 MathematicsLetasy, Ryan0
Jun 2Jun 5Math Chapter 11.2 MathematicsLetasy, Ryan0
Jun 2Jun 5Science: Planet Earth section 1.3ScienceLetasy, Ryan1
Jun 1Jun 2Math: Chapter 11.2 TextbookMathematicsLetasy, Ryan0
May 29May 30Math Expressions #4MathematicsLetasy, Ryan1
May 26May 29Math Chapter 10 Expression Practice #3MathematicsLetasy, Ryan1
May 24May 26Math Chapter 10 Expression Practice 2MathematicsLetasy, Ryan1
May 23May 24Math Chapter 10 Expression Practice 1MathematicsLetasy, Ryan1
May 23May 26Science Structures Review Part 2 ScienceLetasy, Ryan1
May 18May 23Chapter 10 WorksheetsMathematicsLetasy, Ryan2
May 18May 23Math Chapter 10 worksheets 3MathematicsLetasy, Ryan1
May 18May 23Science: Structures and Forces Review Part IScienceLetasy, Ryan1
May 17May 18Math Chapter 10 worksheetMathematicsLetasy, Ryan1
May 15May 16Math Chapter 10.3MathematicsLetasy, Ryan0
May 3May 4Math Chapter 9 ReviewMathematicsLetasy, Ryan0
May 2May 3Math Chapter 9 worksheet and Problems 1MathematicsLetasy, Ryan2
May 1May 2Science Structures 2.2 - 2.3 External and Internal ForcesScienceLetasy, Ryan1
Apr 28Apr 24Math Chapter 9.2- 9.3MathematicsLetasy, Ryan0
Apr 27Apr 28Math Chapter 9 Worksheet 2MathematicsLetasy, Ryan2
Apr 26Apr 27Math Chapter 9: Practice work #2MathematicsLetasy, Ryan2
Apr 11Apr 12Math Chapter 8 Practice #2MathematicsLetasy, Ryan1
Apr 11Apr 26Science: Structure and Forces 1.3 Famous Structure AssignmentScienceLetasy, Ryan1
Apr 7Apr 10Math Chapter 8 ReviewMathematicsLetasy, Ryan0
Apr 5Apr 6Math Chapter 8.5 MathematicsLetasy, Ryan0
Apr 4Apr 5Math Chapter 8.4 homeworkMathematicsLetasy, Ryan0
Apr 3Apr 4Math: Chapter 8 Pie charts 1MathematicsLetasy, Ryan2
Mar 29Apr 3Science: Heat and Temperature Review ScienceLetasy, Ryan1
Mar 27Mar 29Math: Chapter 8 Area and Circle worksheetMathematicsLetasy, Ryan2
Mar 27Mar 29Math Chapter 8.3 Textbook MathematicsLetasy, Ryan0
Mar 27Mar 29Science Heat 4.1 and 4.2 ScienceLetasy, Ryan2
Mar 24Mar 27Math Chapter 8: Extra Practice 1MathematicsLetasy, Ryan1
Mar 24Mar 27Math Chapter 8: Circumference worksheet MathematicsLetasy, Ryan2
Mar 24Mar 27Science Heat: 3.3 Heat Loss and Insulation ScienceLetasy, Ryan1
Mar 22Mar 23Science: Heat 3.2 Heating systems tech.ScienceLetasy, Ryan1
Mar 21Mar 22Math Chapter 8: Radius and Diameter worksheet MathematicsLetasy, Ryan2
Mar 13Mar 14Math Chapter 7 mixed number worksheetsMathematicsLetasy, Ryan4
Mar 10Mar 13Math Chapter 7.3MathematicsLetasy, Ryan0
Mar 9Mar 10Science Heat 2.4 and 2.5 ScienceLetasy, Ryan2
Mar 7Mar 8Math Chapter 7 fraction worksheet 2 MathematicsLetasy, Ryan2
Mar 6Mar 20Science: Heat Assignment (section 1 and 2) ScienceLetasy, Ryan1
Mar 2Mar 3Math Chapter 7 adding fractions worksheetMathematicsLetasy, Ryan2
Mar 1Mar 2Science: Heat 2.3 ScienceLetasy, Ryan1
Feb 28Mar 1Math Chapter 7 worksheet and 7.1MathematicsLetasy, Ryan2
Feb 16Feb 27Science: Heat 2.1 - 2.2 part a and bScienceLetasy, Ryan2
Feb 14Feb 15Math Chapter 6 Review MathematicsLetasy, Ryan1
Feb 13Feb 14Math Chapter 3 and 5 reviewsMathematicsLetasy, Ryan2
Feb 10Feb 13Math Chapter 6.3 and Chapter 4 Review MathematicsLetasy, Ryan1
Feb 9Feb 10Math Chapter 6.2 contMathematicsLetasy, Ryan0
Feb 8Feb 9Math Chapter 6.3 MathematicsLetasy, Ryan0
Feb 7Feb 8Math Chapter 6.2 MathematicsLetasy, Ryan0
Feb 6Feb 7Math Chapter 6 practice 1MathematicsLetasy, Ryan1
Feb 3Feb 6Math Chapter 6.1 contMathematicsLetasy, Ryan0
Feb 2Feb 3Math Chapter 6.1 MathematicsLetasy, Ryan0
Jan 31Feb 1Math Chapter 5 ReviewMathematicsLetasy, Ryan0
Jan 30Jan 31Math Chapter 5 ReviewMathematicsLetasy, Ryan0
Jan 25Jan 26Math Chapter 5.4 and 5.5MathematicsLetasy, Ryan0
Jan 24Jan 25Math Chapter 5.4MathematicsLetasy, Ryan0
Jan 23Jan 24math chapter 5.3MathematicsLetasy, Ryan0
Jan 12Jan 23Super Plant AssignmentScienceLetasy, Ryan1