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Assigned Due Homework Subject Teacher Files
Nov 16Nov 17Math Chapter 4 Practice #5MathematicsLetasy, Ryan1
Nov 16Nov 20chapter 4 vocabSocial StudiesSchmold, Danielle1
Nov 14Nov 17Virtual Garden AssignmentScienceLetasy, Ryan1
Nov 14Nov 15Math Chapter 4: Practice #4MathematicsLetasy, Ryan1
Nov 13Nov 14Math Chapter 4: Practice #3MathematicsLetasy, Ryan1
Nov 7Nov 8Math Extra Practice & Chapter 4 Practice #2MathematicsLetasy, Ryan2
Nov 3Nov 16Chapter 3 Brochure Project Social StudiesSchmold, Danielle1
Nov 1Nov 6Fish in a Tree Paragraph Quiz English Language ArtsSchmold, Danielle1
Nov 1Nov 16Chapter 3 Social Test ** MOVED TO THURSDAY NOVEMBER 16thSocial StudiesSchmold, Danielle3
Oct 25Nov 7Fish in a Tree Final Project English Language ArtsSchmold, Danielle8
Oct 24Oct 25Math 2.3 Questions and WorksheetMathematicsLetasy, Ryan1
Oct 23Oct 24Math Chapter 2.3MathematicsLetasy, Ryan0
Oct 19Oct 26Unit A Study Guide AnswersScienceLetasy, Ryan1
Oct 18Oct 26Unit A Study GuideScienceLetasy, Ryan1
Oct 17Oct 23Science Section 4 Notes AnswersScienceLetasy, Ryan1
Oct 17Oct 18Math Chapter 2 Practice #3MathematicsLetasy, Ryan1
Oct 16Oct 17Math Chapter 2 Division worksheet 1 MathematicsLetasy, Ryan1
Oct 13Oct 27Interactions & Ecosystems ProjectScienceLetasy, Ryan1
Oct 12Oct 13Chapter 2 Practice #2MathematicsLetasy, Ryan1
Oct 12Oct 24Chapter 2 Puzzle Assignment Social StudiesSchmold, Danielle2
Oct 11Oct 26Section 3.0 & 4.0 NotesScienceLetasy, Ryan2
Oct 11Oct 24Unit A Writing AssignmentScienceLetasy, Ryan0
Oct 11Oct 26Interactions & Ecosystems Unit ExamScienceLetasy, Ryan0
Oct 11Oct 12Chapter 2 Extra Practice #1MathematicsLetasy, Ryan1
Oct 11Oct 12Chapter 2 Extra Practice #1MathematicsLetasy, Ryan1
Oct 6Oct 11Math Chapter 2 Worksheet 3 by 1 decimal multiplicationMathematicsLetasy, Ryan1
Oct 5Oct 6Math Chapter 2.2 Textbook MathematicsLetasy, Ryan0
Oct 3Oct 4Math Chapter 2 worksheets 3 MathematicsLetasy, Ryan2
Oct 2Oct 3Math Chapter 2.1 MathematicsLetasy, Ryan0
Oct 1Oct 4Section 1 & 2 QuizScienceLetasy, Ryan2
Oct 1Oct 23Chapter 2 Social Test - Monday October 23rd Social StudiesSchmold, Danielle5
Sep 29Oct 2Food Chains & Food Webs NotesScienceLetasy, Ryan1
Sep 27Sep 28Chapter 2 Vocabulary Social StudiesSchmold, Danielle1
Sep 27Sep 28Math Chapter 2 worksheets 2MathematicsLetasy, Ryan3
Sep 26Sep 27Chapter 2 Worksheet 1MathematicsLetasy, Ryan2
Sep 26Sep 27Section 1.3 & 2.1 NotesScienceLetasy, Ryan1
Sep 21Sep 25Math Chapter 1 Transformations and Flip, Slide and Turn WorksheetMathematicsLetasy, Ryan2
Sep 21Sep 25Math Chapter 1 Unit ExamMathematicsLetasy, Ryan0
Sep 20Sep 21Math Chapter 1 Translation and Rotation worksheetMathematicsLetasy, Ryan2
Sep 18Sep 19Math Chapter 1 Transformation WorksheetsMathematicsLetasy, Ryan3
Sep 14Sep 18Bubble Gum Lab ReportScienceLetasy, Ryan1
Sep 14Sep 18Math Chapter 1.3 Questions MathematicsLetasy, Ryan0
Sep 12Sep 13Math Chapter 1 Worksheet 3 MathematicsLetasy, Ryan4
Sep 11Sep 12Science Baking Soda Lab ReportScienceLetasy, Ryan1
Sep 11Sep 12Chapter 1 Practice Worksheet 2MathematicsLetasy, Ryan2
Sep 8Sep 11Math Chapter 1 Worksheet 1 MathematicsLetasy, Ryan2
Sep 8Sep 12Science Variable DefinitionsScienceLetasy, Ryan1
Sep 8Sep 12Chapter 1 Vocabulary Social StudiesSchmold, Danielle1
Sep 7Sep 29Math Course OutlineMathematicsLetasy, Ryan1
Sep 7Sep 29Science Course OutlineScienceLetasy, Ryan1
Sep 5Sep 5Language Arts Course Outline 2017-2018 English Language ArtsSchmold, Danielle1
Sep 5Sep 5Social Studies Course Outline 2017-2018 Social StudiesSchmold, Danielle1
Sep 5Sep 26Chapter 1 TestSocial StudiesSchmold, Danielle3
Sep 5Sep 25Chapter 1 Assignment Social StudiesSchmold, Danielle1
Jun 20Jun 21Math Chapter 10 Review MathematicsLetasy, Ryan1
Jun 19Jun 20Math Chapter 9 ReviewMathematicsLetasy, Ryan1
Jun 15Jun 16Science Planet Earth 4.2 ScienceLetasy, Ryan1
Jun 13Jun 14Science: Planet Earth 3.3 ScienceLetasy, Ryan1
Jun 13Jun 14Math Chapter 12 WorksheetMathematicsLetasy, Ryan1
Jun 9Jun 12Math Chapter 11 ReviewMathematicsLetasy, Ryan0
Jun 9Jun 12Science: Planet Earth 2.3 Rock CycleScienceLetasy, Ryan1
Jun 8Jun 9Science: Planet Earth 2.1-2.2ScienceLetasy, Ryan2
Jun 7Jun 8Math Chapter 11.4 MathematicsLetasy, Ryan0
Jun 6Jun 7Math Chapter 11.3 and 11.4 MathematicsLetasy, Ryan0
Jun 2Jun 5Math Chapter 11.2 MathematicsLetasy, Ryan0
Jun 2Jun 5Science: Planet Earth section 1.3ScienceLetasy, Ryan1
Jun 1Jun 26Social Studies Final Social StudiesSchmold, Danielle13
Jun 1Jun 6Chapter 13 and 14 test- Tuesday June 6thSocial StudiesSchmold, Danielle2
Jun 1Jun 16Chapter 13+ 14 project Social StudiesSchmold, Danielle2
Jun 1Jun 2Math: Chapter 11.2 TextbookMathematicsLetasy, Ryan0
Jun 1Jun 15Short Story TestEnglish Language ArtsSchmold, Danielle2
May 29May 30Math Expressions #4MathematicsLetasy, Ryan1
May 26May 29Math Chapter 10 Expression Practice #3MathematicsLetasy, Ryan1
May 24May 26Math Chapter 10 Expression Practice 2MathematicsLetasy, Ryan1
May 24May 29"The Scream" Short Story Comprehension English Language ArtsSchmold, Danielle1
May 23May 24Math Chapter 10 Expression Practice 1MathematicsLetasy, Ryan1
May 23May 26Science Structures Review Part 2 ScienceLetasy, Ryan1
May 18May 23Chapter 10 WorksheetsMathematicsLetasy, Ryan2
May 18May 23Math Chapter 10 worksheets 3MathematicsLetasy, Ryan1
May 18May 23Science: Structures and Forces Review Part IScienceLetasy, Ryan1
May 17May 18Math Chapter 10 worksheetMathematicsLetasy, Ryan1
May 16May 18Chapter 12 Immigration Stories Social StudiesSchmold, Danielle0
May 15May 16Math Chapter 10.3MathematicsLetasy, Ryan0
May 9May 15Immigration Poster Social StudiesSchmold, Danielle1
May 4May 5Persuasive Paragraph Planning Page and Rough Draft English Language ArtsSchmold, Danielle1
May 3May 4Math Chapter 9 ReviewMathematicsLetasy, Ryan0
May 2May 3Math Chapter 9 worksheet and Problems 1MathematicsLetasy, Ryan2
May 1May 2Science Structures 2.2 - 2.3 External and Internal ForcesScienceLetasy, Ryan1
May 1May 24Chapter 11+12 Test Social StudiesSchmold, Danielle1
Apr 28Apr 24Math Chapter 9.2- 9.3MathematicsLetasy, Ryan0
Apr 27Apr 28Math Chapter 9 Worksheet 2MathematicsLetasy, Ryan2
Apr 26Apr 27Math Chapter 9: Practice work #2MathematicsLetasy, Ryan2
Apr 25Apr 26Mi'kmaq Case Study Social StudiesSchmold, Danielle1
Apr 13Apr 26Expository Paragraph Planning Sheet and Rough Draft English Language ArtsSchmold, Danielle1
Apr 12May 4Chapter 10 Timeline Social StudiesSchmold, Danielle1
Apr 12May 2Chapter 10 Test -May 2ndSocial StudiesSchmold, Danielle2
Apr 11Apr 12Math Chapter 8 Practice #2MathematicsLetasy, Ryan1
Apr 11Apr 26Science: Structure and Forces 1.3 Famous Structure AssignmentScienceLetasy, Ryan1
Apr 7Apr 10Math Chapter 8 ReviewMathematicsLetasy, Ryan0
Apr 5Apr 6Math Chapter 8.5 MathematicsLetasy, Ryan0
Apr 4Apr 10Chapter 9 Test -April 10th Social StudiesSchmold, Danielle4
Apr 4Apr 5Math Chapter 8.4 homeworkMathematicsLetasy, Ryan0
Apr 3Apr 4Math: Chapter 8 Pie charts 1MathematicsLetasy, Ryan2
Apr 1Apr 11Spelling Test 10- April 11th English Language ArtsSchmold, Danielle1
Mar 29Apr 3Science: Heat and Temperature Review ScienceLetasy, Ryan1
Mar 27May 4Paragraph PortfolioEnglish Language ArtsSchmold, Danielle5
Mar 27Mar 29Descriptive Paragraph Rough DraftEnglish Language ArtsSchmold, Danielle1
Mar 27Mar 29Math: Chapter 8 Area and Circle worksheetMathematicsLetasy, Ryan2
Mar 27Mar 29Math Chapter 8.3 Textbook MathematicsLetasy, Ryan0
Mar 27Mar 29Science Heat 4.1 and 4.2 ScienceLetasy, Ryan2
Mar 24Mar 27Math Chapter 8: Extra Practice 1MathematicsLetasy, Ryan1
Mar 24Mar 27Math Chapter 8: Circumference worksheet MathematicsLetasy, Ryan2
Mar 24Mar 27Science Heat: 3.3 Heat Loss and Insulation ScienceLetasy, Ryan1
Mar 22Mar 23Science: Heat 3.2 Heating systems tech.ScienceLetasy, Ryan1
Mar 21Mar 22Math Chapter 8: Radius and Diameter worksheet MathematicsLetasy, Ryan2
Mar 16Mar 22Chapter 8 Test- March 22ndSocial StudiesSchmold, Danielle1
Mar 16Mar 23Chapter 8 AssignmentSocial StudiesSchmold, Danielle1
Mar 14Mar 28Spelling Test 9- March 28th English Language ArtsSchmold, Danielle1
Mar 13Mar 14Math Chapter 7 mixed number worksheetsMathematicsLetasy, Ryan4
Mar 10Mar 13Math Chapter 7.3MathematicsLetasy, Ryan0
Mar 10Mar 20Immunity Idol Poetry Assignment Social StudiesSchmold, Danielle1
Mar 9Mar 10Science Heat 2.4 and 2.5 ScienceLetasy, Ryan2
Mar 7Mar 8Math Chapter 7 fraction worksheet 2 MathematicsLetasy, Ryan2
Mar 6Mar 20Science: Heat Assignment (section 1 and 2) ScienceLetasy, Ryan1
Mar 2Mar 3Math Chapter 7 adding fractions worksheetMathematicsLetasy, Ryan2
Mar 1Mar 2Social Studies Chapter 7 Quiz - March 7thSocial StudiesSchmold, Danielle2
Mar 1Mar 2Science: Heat 2.3 ScienceLetasy, Ryan1
Feb 28Mar 6Chapter 7 Assignment Social StudiesSchmold, Danielle1
Feb 28Mar 1Math Chapter 7 worksheet and 7.1MathematicsLetasy, Ryan2
Feb 27Mar 17Survivor Poetry or Poet Study English Language ArtsSchmold, Danielle2
Feb 16Feb 27Science: Heat 2.1 - 2.2 part a and bScienceLetasy, Ryan2
Feb 14Feb 15Math Chapter 6 Review MathematicsLetasy, Ryan1
Feb 13Feb 14Math Chapter 3 and 5 reviewsMathematicsLetasy, Ryan2
Feb 10Feb 13Math Chapter 6.3 and Chapter 4 Review MathematicsLetasy, Ryan1
Feb 9Feb 10Math Chapter 6.2 contMathematicsLetasy, Ryan0
Feb 8Feb 9Math Chapter 6.3 MathematicsLetasy, Ryan0
Feb 7Feb 8Math Chapter 6.2 MathematicsLetasy, Ryan0
Feb 6Feb 7Math Chapter 6 practice 1MathematicsLetasy, Ryan1
Feb 6Feb 16Figurative Language Quiz English Language ArtsSchmold, Danielle1
Feb 3Feb 6Math Chapter 6.1 contMathematicsLetasy, Ryan0
Feb 2Feb 3Math Chapter 6.1 MathematicsLetasy, Ryan0
Jan 31Feb 1Math Chapter 5 ReviewMathematicsLetasy, Ryan0
Jan 31Feb 7Chapter 6 Social Test - Feb. 7thSocial StudiesSchmold, Danielle1
Jan 31Feb 10Chapter 6 Social Assignment Social StudiesSchmold, Danielle1
Jan 30Jan 31Math Chapter 5 ReviewMathematicsLetasy, Ryan0
Jan 25Jan 26Math Chapter 5.4 and 5.5MathematicsLetasy, Ryan0
Jan 24Jan 25Math Chapter 5.4MathematicsLetasy, Ryan0
Jan 23Jan 24math chapter 5.3MathematicsLetasy, Ryan0
Jan 20Feb 6Research AssignmentEnglish Language ArtsSchmold, Danielle1
Jan 17Jan 31Spelling Test 8- Jan 31stEnglish Language ArtsSchmold, Danielle1
Jan 16Jan 19Chapter 5 Test Social StudiesSchmold, Danielle1
Jan 13Jan 18Plants for Food and Fibre Study GuidesScienceLetasy, Ryan2
Jan 12Jan 13New Chapter 3 Review MathematicsLetasy, Ryan1
Jan 12Jan 23Super Plant AssignmentScienceLetasy, Ryan1
Jan 9Jan 12Math Chapter 3 ReviewMathematicsLetasy, Ryan0
Dec 22Jan 20Flipped Pizza Box Project English Language ArtsSchmold, Danielle9
Dec 20Dec 21Chapter 3: parallelogram area worksheetMathematicsLetasy, Ryan2
Dec 20Dec 23Chapter 3.4 and 3.5MathematicsLetasy, Ryan0
Dec 20Jan 17Spelling Test 7- Jan 17th English Language ArtsSchmold, Danielle1
Dec 16Dec 19Math and Science ScienceLetasy, Ryan2
Dec 16Dec 19Math and Science MathematicsLetasy, Ryan2
Dec 13Dec 14Math Chapter 3 Homework MathematicsLetasy, Ryan0
Dec 13Dec 14Science Plants: 3.1 -3.2 Soil ScienceLetasy, Ryan1
Dec 8Dec 22Chapter 4 Test- December 22ndSocial StudiesSchmold, Danielle4
Dec 8Dec 9Flipped Comprehension Questions English Language ArtsSchmold, Danielle1
Dec 8Dec 9Plants for Food and Fibre Study GuideScienceLetasy, Ryan1
Dec 7Dec 20Fur Trade Project- Dec. 20th Social StudiesSchmold, Danielle1
Dec 5Dec 7Chapter 4 Extra Practice 3 and Chapter review MathematicsLetasy, Ryan1
Dec 2Dec 5Math Chapter 4.3 MathematicsLetasy, Ryan0
Dec 1Dec 21Spelling Test 6- Dec. 21st*** ChangedEnglish Language ArtsSchmold, Danielle1
Nov 30Dec 1Chapter 4: Extra practice 2 MathematicsLetasy, Ryan1
Nov 29Nov 30Math: Chapter 4.3 MathematicsLetasy, Ryan0
Nov 28Nov 29Math Chapter 4: Comparing % and fractionsMathematicsLetasy, Ryan2
Nov 21Nov 22Math Chapter 4 Extra Practice 1MathematicsLetasy, Ryan2
Nov 17Nov 21Math Chapter 4.2 MathematicsLetasy, Ryan0
Nov 15Nov 29Spelling Test 5- No.29thEnglish Language ArtsSchmold, Danielle1
Nov 15Nov 24Chapter 3 Social TestSocial StudiesSchmold, Danielle2
Nov 15Nov 23Chapter 3 Brochure AssignmentSocial StudiesSchmold, Danielle1