Homeroom: 7D

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Assigned Due Homework Subject Teacher Files
Mar 27May 4Paragraph PortfolioEnglish Language ArtsSchmold, Danielle5
Mar 24Mar 27Science Heat: 3.3 Heat Loss and Insulation ScienceLetasy, Ryan1
Mar 24Mar 27Math Chapter 8: Extra Practice 1MathematicsLetasy, Ryan1
Mar 24Mar 27Math Chapter 8: Circumference worksheet MathematicsLetasy, Ryan2
Mar 22Mar 23Science: Heat 3.2 Heating systems tech.ScienceLetasy, Ryan1
Mar 21Mar 22Math Chapter 8: Radius and Diameter worksheet MathematicsLetasy, Ryan2
Mar 16Mar 22Chapter 8 Test- March 22ndSocial StudiesSchmold, Danielle1
Mar 16Mar 23Chapter 8 AssignmentSocial StudiesSchmold, Danielle1
Mar 14Mar 28Spelling Test 9- March 28th English Language ArtsSchmold, Danielle1
Mar 13Mar 14Math Chapter 7 mixed number worksheetsMathematicsLetasy, Ryan4
Mar 10Mar 13Math Chapter 7.3MathematicsLetasy, Ryan0
Mar 10Mar 20Immunity Idol Poetry Assignment Social StudiesSchmold, Danielle1
Mar 9Mar 10Science Heat 2.4 and 2.5 ScienceLetasy, Ryan2
Mar 7Mar 8Math Chapter 7 fraction worksheet 2 MathematicsLetasy, Ryan2
Mar 6Mar 20Science: Heat Assignment (section 1 and 2) ScienceLetasy, Ryan1
Mar 2Mar 3Math Chapter 7 adding fractions worksheetMathematicsLetasy, Ryan2
Mar 1Mar 2Science: Heat 2.3 ScienceLetasy, Ryan1
Mar 1Mar 2Social Studies Chapter 7 Quiz - March 7thSocial StudiesSchmold, Danielle2
Feb 28Mar 1Math Chapter 7 worksheet and 7.1MathematicsLetasy, Ryan2
Feb 28Mar 6Chapter 7 Assignment Social StudiesSchmold, Danielle1
Feb 27Mar 17Survivor Poetry or Poet Study English Language ArtsSchmold, Danielle2
Feb 16Feb 27Science: Heat 2.1 - 2.2 part a and bScienceLetasy, Ryan2