Homeroom: 7D

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Assigned Due Homework Subject Teacher Files
Mar 27May 4Paragraph PortfolioEnglish Language ArtsSchmold, Danielle5
Mar 24Mar 27Math Chapter 8: Extra Practice 1MathematicsLetasy, Ryan1
Mar 24Mar 27Math Chapter 8: Circumference worksheet MathematicsLetasy, Ryan2
Mar 24Mar 27Science Heat: 3.3 Heat Loss and Insulation ScienceLetasy, Ryan1
Mar 22Mar 23Science: Heat 3.2 Heating systems tech.ScienceLetasy, Ryan1
Mar 21Mar 22Math Chapter 8: Radius and Diameter worksheet MathematicsLetasy, Ryan2
Mar 16Mar 23Chapter 8 AssignmentSocial StudiesSchmold, Danielle1
Mar 16Mar 22Chapter 8 Test- March 22ndSocial StudiesSchmold, Danielle1
Mar 14Mar 28Spelling Test 9- March 28th English Language ArtsSchmold, Danielle1
Mar 10Mar 20Immunity Idol Poetry Assignment Social StudiesSchmold, Danielle1
Mar 6Mar 20Science: Heat Assignment (section 1 and 2) ScienceLetasy, Ryan1