Homeroom: 7E

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Assigned Due Homework Subject Teacher Files
Apr 19Apr 20Math Word Problems SheetMathematicsBecking, Brittany0
Apr 18Apr 19Page 321-322: 20,21abc and Page 334: 11,14,15,16,17MathematicsBecking, Brittany0
Apr 16Apr 26Structures and Forces ExamScienceWilliamson, Sarah0
Apr 13Apr 16Page 328: 9,13,15,16MathematicsBecking, Brittany0
Apr 12Apr 16The Metis Week 3Social StudiesYaretz, Daniel0
Apr 12Apr 16In class assignmentMathematicsBecking, Brittany0
Apr 10Apr 11Page 313: 6,7,9,10,11MathematicsBecking, Brittany0
Apr 10Apr 23Structures and Forces ProjectScienceWilliamson, Sarah1
Mar 29Apr 10Cartoon Joint AssignmentScienceWilliamson, Sarah1
Mar 29Apr 27Checklist for Chapter 8Social StudiesYaretz, Daniel1
Mar 27Mar 29Material LabScienceWilliamson, Sarah0
Mar 23Mar 26Circumference and Area ReviewMathematicsBecking, Brittany1
Mar 21Mar 28Chapter 8 Unit ExamMathematicsBecking, Brittany0