Homeroom: 7E

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Assigned Due Homework Subject Teacher Files
Apr 25Apr 26Page 334: 14,15,16,17MathematicsBecking, Brittany0
Apr 25Apr 26Page 339: 3-6MathematicsBecking, Brittany0
Apr 24May 1Chapter 9 Unit ExamMathematicsBecking, Brittany0
Apr 12Apr 13Page 328: 9, 10, 13, 15, 16MathematicsBecking, Brittany0
Apr 7Apr 13Poetry Anthology ProjectEnglish Language ArtsBecking, Brittany1
Mar 29Apr 11Chapter 10 Project: Historical TimelineSocial StudiesWeatherall, Geoff1
Mar 29Apr 12Chapter 10 QuizSocial StudiesWeatherall, Geoff0
Mar 28Apr 5Poetry TestEnglish Language ArtsBecking, Brittany1
Mar 27Apr 4Chapter 8 ExamMathematicsBecking, Brittany0
Mar 7Mar 16Chapter 7 Unit ExamMathematicsBecking, Brittany0
Feb 27Mar 6Hockey Sweater ending re-writeEnglish Language ArtsBecking, Brittany1
Feb 15Feb 28Chapter 7 TestSocial StudiesWeatherall, Geoff1
Jan 30Feb 27Ice box AssignmentScienceWeatherall, Geoff1
Jan 30Mar 2Ice Box LabScienceWeatherall, Geoff0
Jan 30Mar 6Ice Box Lab and Write-UpScienceWeatherall, Geoff1
Jan 25Feb 1Chapter 6 TestSocial StudiesWeatherall, Geoff1
Jan 25Feb 1Becoming Canada Poster AssignmentSocial StudiesWeatherall, Geoff1
Jan 25Feb 2Chapter 6 ExamMathematicsBecking, Brittany0
Jan 25Feb 14Midterm Part AMathematicsBecking, Brittany0
Jan 25Feb 16Midterm Part BMathematicsBecking, Brittany0
Jan 17Jan 25Unit C Title Page AssignmentScienceWeatherall, Geoff1
Jan 9Jan 12Chapter 5 In Class AssignmentMathematicsBecking, Brittany0
Jan 9Jan 18Chapter 5 ExamMathematicsBecking, Brittany0
Jan 9Jan 16Book talk presentationsMathematicsBecking, Brittany1
Jan 9Jan 16Book talk presentationsEnglish Language ArtsBecking, Brittany1
Jan 9Jan 30Chapter 6 WorkbooksSocial StudiesWeatherall, Geoff0
Dec 19Jan 16Unit B: Plants for Food and Fibre - Unit TestScienceWeatherall, Geoff0
Dec 19Jan 13Chapter 5 TestSocial StudiesWeatherall, Geoff0
Dec 15Jan 10Chapter 5 WorkbooksSocial StudiesWeatherall, Geoff0
Dec 5Dec 6Page 97-99MathematicsBecking, Brittany0
Dec 5Dec 20Chapter 3 ExamMathematicsBecking, Brittany0
Dec 5Dec 21Iqbal Comprehension TestEnglish Language ArtsBecking, Brittany1
Dec 1Dec 7Chapter 3 QuizEnglish Language ArtsBecking, Brittany0
Dec 1Dec 7Chapter 3 QuizEnglish Language ArtsBecking, Brittany0
Nov 30Dec 7Sections 1 & 2 QuizScienceWeatherall, Geoff1
Nov 29Nov 30Page 86-88MathematicsBecking, Brittany0
Nov 29Nov 30Page 86-88MathematicsBecking, Brittany0
Nov 29Dec 22Plant of the Year AssignmentScienceWeatherall, Geoff1
Nov 16Nov 24Cartoon Strip ProjectSocial StudiesWeatherall, Geoff1
Nov 15Nov 232D Plant Model AssignmentScienceWeatherall, Geoff1
Nov 14Nov 22Chapter 4 Unit TestMathematicsBecking, Brittany0
Nov 14Nov 24Chapter 3 TestSocial StudiesWeatherall, Geoff1
Nov 7Nov 16Unit B: Mini Poster AssignmentScienceWeatherall, Geoff1
Nov 7Nov 18Chapter 3 WorkbooksSocial StudiesWeatherall, Geoff0
Nov 7Jan 10Unit B WorkbooksScienceWeatherall, Geoff0
Oct 26Oct 27Textbook QuestionsMathematicsBecking, Brittany0
Oct 26Nov 3Figurative Language AssignmentEnglish Language ArtsBecking, Brittany0
Oct 26Nov 4Figurative Language TestEnglish Language ArtsBecking, Brittany0
Oct 24Nov 3Unit A: Final TestScienceWeatherall, Geoff1
Oct 19Oct 31Sections 3 & 4 QuizScienceWeatherall, Geoff1
Oct 19Nov 7New France Puzzle ProjectSocial StudiesWeatherall, Geoff1
Oct 17Nov 2Chapter 2 TestSocial StudiesWeatherall, Geoff2
Oct 13Oct 26Chapter 2 WorkbookSocial StudiesWeatherall, Geoff0
Oct 4Oct 24Ecosystem DioramaScienceWeatherall, Geoff1
Oct 3Oct 12Sections 1 & 2 QuizScienceWeatherall, Geoff1
Sep 26Oct 4Chapter One QuizSocial StudiesWeatherall, Geoff1
Sep 22Sep 29First Nations Mapping AssignmentSocial StudiesWeatherall, Geoff1
Sep 12Oct 28Unit A: WorkbookScienceWeatherall, Geoff0
Sep 7Sep 29Chapter 1 Workbook NotesSocial StudiesWeatherall, Geoff0
Sep 6Sep 20Canada Before Confederation - Title PageSocial StudiesWeatherall, Geoff1
Sep 6Sep 19Unit A: Interactions and Ecosystems - Title PageScienceWeatherall, Geoff1