Homeroom: 7E

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Assigned Due Homework Subject Teacher Files
Jan 18Jan 19Page 207: 5-7MathematicsBecking, Brittany0
Jan 15Jan 19Mini Quiz Section 1 with revisionsScienceWilliamson, Sarah0
Jan 9Jan 10Page 181: 3,4,5,6,7,9MathematicsBecking, Brittany0
Jan 8Feb 2Math MidtermMathematicsBecking, Brittany0
Dec 22Jan 11Chapter 5 QuizMathematicsBecking, Brittany0
Dec 22Jan 16Chapter 5 ExamMathematicsBecking, Brittany0
Dec 22Jan 15Book Talk PresentationsEnglish Language ArtsBecking, Brittany0
Dec 12Dec 13Page 118-119: 1-9MathematicsBecking, Brittany0
Dec 11Dec 123.4/3.5 assignmentMathematicsBecking, Brittany0
Dec 8Dec 11Page 113-115: 5,6,8,10MathematicsBecking, Brittany0
Dec 7Dec 19Unit B Exam (Part A and B) ScienceWilliamson, Sarah0
Dec 6Dec 14Chapter 3 ExamMathematicsBecking, Brittany0
Dec 6Dec 14Descriptive paragraph English Language ArtsBecking, Brittany0
Dec 5Dec 14Unit B: Plant Profile and Care GuideScienceWilliamson, Sarah1
Nov 30Dec 1Chapter 3 AssignmentMathematicsBecking, Brittany1
Nov 28Nov 29Page 86-88: 2,5,6,7,8,9,11,13MathematicsBecking, Brittany0
Nov 28Nov 29Page 86-88: 2,5,6,7,8,9,11,13MathematicsBecking, Brittany0
Nov 28Dec 5Chapter 3 QuizMathematicsBecking, Brittany0
Nov 23Nov 29Iqbal ParagraphEnglish Language ArtsBecking, Brittany1
Nov 16Nov 204.1 Extra Practice SheetMathematicsBecking, Brittany1
Nov 15Nov 29Unit B Quiz ScienceWilliamson, Sarah1
Nov 13Nov 14Page 130:12,13,14,15MathematicsBecking, Brittany0
Nov 8Nov 15Iqbal Test-Multiple ChoiceEnglish Language ArtsBecking, Brittany1
Nov 8Nov 17Iqbal Test-Short AnswerEnglish Language ArtsBecking, Brittany1
Nov 8Nov 21Chapter 4 Test Part AMathematicsBecking, Brittany0
Nov 8Nov 22Chapter 4 Test Part BMathematicsBecking, Brittany0
Nov 8Nov 22Sentences TestEnglish Language ArtsBecking, Brittany1
Nov 6Nov 7Page 129: 5,6,7,8MathematicsBecking, Brittany0
Oct 25Nov 3Iqbal comprehension test:Chapters 5-10English Language ArtsBecking, Brittany0
Oct 23Oct 31Chapter 2 Exam Part AMathematicsBecking, Brittany0
Oct 23Nov 1Chapter 2 Exam Part BMathematicsBecking, Brittany0
Oct 16Oct 17Iqbal Sentences Chapter 6English Language ArtsBecking, Brittany1
Oct 16Oct 17Division WorksheetMathematicsBecking, Brittany1
Oct 12Oct 18Short Quiz on Multilpying/Dividing DecimalsMathematicsBecking, Brittany0
Oct 12Oct 24Unit A Exam ScienceWilliamson, Sarah2
Oct 5Oct 12Math Quiz: Adding, Subtracting, Multiplying DecimalsMathematicsBecking, Brittany0
Oct 4Oct 5Succession WorkSheetScienceWilliamson, Sarah0
Oct 4Oct 16Almost Gone ProjectScienceWilliamson, Sarah1
Oct 4Oct 5Page 57: 5,6MathematicsBecking, Brittany0
Oct 3Oct 12Deerskin projectSocial StudiesNewman, Tavis1
Oct 3Oct 12Chapter 1 testSocial StudiesNewman, Tavis1
Oct 2Oct 3Page 49: 8,9,11,12,13MathematicsBecking, Brittany0
Sep 25Sep 28Unit A Section 1&2 QuizScienceWilliamson, Sarah1
Sep 21Sep 22Page 26: 11, 12 Page 27: 13MathematicsBecking, Brittany0
Sep 18Sep 26Chapter 1 ExamMathematicsBecking, Brittany0
Sep 13Sep 19Math Quiz-Plotting and Recording PointsMathematicsBecking, Brittany0
Sep 12Sep 13Page 8: 2a, 3 Page 9-10: 6,8,9,11MathematicsBecking, Brittany0
Sep 12Sep 13Bubble Gum Lab ScienceWilliamson, Sarah1
Sep 7Sep 5Inner Circle Writing AssignmentEnglish Language ArtsBecking, Brittany0
Jun 12Jun 26Social Studies Final ExamSocial StudiesWeatherall, Geoff1
Jun 9Jun 5Page 431-432: 3ac, 4ac, 5, 7a, 8aMathematicsBecking, Brittany0
Jun 9Jun 912.1 NotesMathematicsBecking, Brittany1
Jun 9Jun 912.2 and 12.5 NotesMathematicsBecking, Brittany1
Jun 5Jun 13Unit E: Planet Earth TestScienceWeatherall, Geoff1
Jun 5Jun 14Chapters 12, 13 & 14 TestSocial StudiesWeatherall, Geoff1
Jun 5Jun 20ABC Poster of Canadian HistorySocial StudiesWeatherall, Geoff1
Jun 5Jun 15Where In the World AssignmentEnglish Language ArtsBecking, Brittany1
Jun 5Jun 28Science Final ExamScienceWeatherall, Geoff1
May 29Jun 7Chapter 11 ExamMathematicsBecking, Brittany0
May 26Jun 2Game Board AssignmentSocial StudiesWeatherall, Geoff1
May 23May 29Prospecting for Minerals LabScienceWeatherall, Geoff1
Apr 28May 8Unit D TestScienceWeatherall, Geoff1
Apr 28May 5Immigration FeastSocial StudiesWeatherall, Geoff1
Apr 25Apr 26Page 334: 14,15,16,17MathematicsBecking, Brittany0
Apr 25Apr 26Page 339: 3-6MathematicsBecking, Brittany0
Apr 24May 1Chapter 9 Unit ExamMathematicsBecking, Brittany0
Apr 24May 29LA Writing ExamEnglish Language ArtsBecking, Brittany0
Apr 12Apr 13Page 328: 9, 10, 13, 15, 16MathematicsBecking, Brittany0
Apr 7Apr 13Poetry Anthology ProjectEnglish Language ArtsBecking, Brittany1
Apr 7May 4Bridge Building LabScienceWeatherall, Geoff0
Mar 29Apr 11Chapter 10 Project: Historical TimelineSocial StudiesWeatherall, Geoff1
Mar 29Apr 12Chapter 10 QuizSocial StudiesWeatherall, Geoff0
Mar 28Apr 5Poetry TestEnglish Language ArtsBecking, Brittany1
Mar 27Apr 4Chapter 8 ExamMathematicsBecking, Brittany0
Mar 9May 3Unit D WorkbookScienceWeatherall, Geoff0
Mar 7Mar 16Chapter 7 Unit ExamMathematicsBecking, Brittany0
Feb 27Mar 6Hockey Sweater ending re-writeEnglish Language ArtsBecking, Brittany1
Feb 15Feb 28Chapter 7 TestSocial StudiesWeatherall, Geoff1
Jan 30Feb 27Ice box AssignmentScienceWeatherall, Geoff1
Jan 30Mar 2Ice Box LabScienceWeatherall, Geoff0
Jan 30Mar 6Ice Box Lab and Write-UpScienceWeatherall, Geoff1
Jan 25Feb 1Chapter 6 TestSocial StudiesWeatherall, Geoff1
Jan 25Feb 1Becoming Canada Poster AssignmentSocial StudiesWeatherall, Geoff1
Jan 25Feb 2Chapter 6 ExamMathematicsBecking, Brittany0
Jan 25Feb 14Midterm Part AMathematicsBecking, Brittany0
Jan 25Feb 16Midterm Part BMathematicsBecking, Brittany0
Jan 17Jan 25Unit C Title Page AssignmentScienceWeatherall, Geoff1
Jan 9Jan 30Chapter 6 WorkbooksSocial StudiesWeatherall, Geoff0