Homeroom: 7F

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Assigned Due Homework Subject Teacher Files
May 1May 1Chapter 9 TestSocial StudiesAnderson, Joel2
Apr 24May 1Chapter 9 - RAFT Assignment Social StudiesAnderson, Joel1
Apr 19Apr 20Math Word Problems SheetMathematicsBecking, Brittany0
Apr 18Apr 19Page 321-322: 20,21abc and Page 334: 11,14,15,16,17MathematicsBecking, Brittany0
Apr 16Apr 26Structures and Forces ExamScienceWilliamson, Sarah0
Apr 13Apr 13Chapter 8 TestSocial StudiesAnderson, Joel1
Apr 13Apr 16Page 328: 9,13,15,16MathematicsBecking, Brittany0
Apr 12Apr 16In class assignmentMathematicsBecking, Brittany0
Apr 11Apr 16Louis Riel Trial AssignmentSocial StudiesAnderson, Joel3
Apr 10Apr 11Page 313: 6,7,9,10,11MathematicsBecking, Brittany0
Apr 10Apr 23Structures and Forces ProjectScienceWilliamson, Sarah1
Mar 29Apr 10Cartoon Joint AssignmentScienceWilliamson, Sarah1
Mar 29Apr 10Chapter 8 NotesSocial StudiesAnderson, Joel1
Mar 27Mar 29Material LabScienceWilliamson, Sarah0
Mar 23Mar 26Circumference and Area ReviewMathematicsBecking, Brittany1
Mar 21Mar 28Chapter 8 Unit ExamMathematicsBecking, Brittany0