Homeroom: 7G

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Assigned Due Homework Subject Teacher Files
Apr 25May 5Chapter 10: After Confederation ExamSocial StudiesBabki, Jodie1
Apr 25May 1After Confederation Mapping Assignment Social StudiesBabki, Jodie1
Apr 12May 2Paragraph portfolioEnglish Language ArtsKeller, Susan2
Apr 7Apr 25spelling week #13English Language ArtsKeller, Susan1
Apr 6Apr 10Persuasive paragraph planningEnglish Language ArtsKeller, Susan1
Apr 4Apr 5Narrative paragraphEnglish Language ArtsKeller, Susan1
Apr 3Apr 13Science Structures and Forces Unit ExamScienceMolas, Justin0
Apr 3Apr 13Math Unit Exam Chapter 9- IntegersMathematicsMolas, Justin0
Mar 30Apr 7Chapter 9: Moving West Poster ProjectSocial StudiesBabki, Jodie1
Mar 28Apr 7Chapter 9: Growth in the WestSocial StudiesBabki, Jodie1
Mar 22Mar 29Political Cartoon Assignment Social StudiesBabki, Jodie1
Mar 20Apr 13spelling week #12English Language ArtsKeller, Susan1