Homeroom: 7H

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Assigned Due Homework Subject Teacher Files
Dec 11Dec 18Chapter 4 Group Project - Mini DocumentarySocial StudiesMackenzie, Miranda1
Dec 11Dec 20Chapter 4 Unit TestSocial StudiesMackenzie, Miranda1
Dec 4Dec 21Poetry PortfolioEnglish Language ArtsMackenzie, Miranda0
Nov 27Dec 4Plant of the YearScienceMolas, Justin1
Nov 20Nov 28Social Studies Chapter 3 Unit TestSocial StudiesMackenzie, Miranda1
Nov 16Nov 27Social Studies Chapter 3 ProjectSocial StudiesMackenzie, Miranda2
Nov 6Nov 14Chapter 3 QuizMathematicsMolas, Justin0
Nov 6Nov 17Fish in a Tree - Final Project (Booklet)English Language ArtsMackenzie, Miranda1
Nov 2Nov 24Introduction & Blog Post #1English Language ArtsMackenzie, Miranda0