Homeroom: 7H

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Assigned Due Homework Subject Teacher Files
Mar 5Mar 23Memoir - Final DraftEnglish Language ArtsMackenzie, Miranda0
Feb 26Mar 2Writing Prompts 1-5English Language ArtsMackenzie, Miranda0
Dec 11Dec 21Chapter 4 Unit TestSocial StudiesMackenzie, Miranda1
Dec 11Dec 18Chapter 4 Group Project - Mini DocumentarySocial StudiesMackenzie, Miranda1
Dec 4Dec 21Poetry PortfolioEnglish Language ArtsMackenzie, Miranda0
Nov 27Dec 4Plant of the YearScienceMolas, Justin1
Nov 20Nov 28Social Studies Chapter 3 Unit TestSocial StudiesMackenzie, Miranda1
Nov 16Nov 27Social Studies Chapter 3 ProjectSocial StudiesMackenzie, Miranda2
Nov 6Nov 17Fish in a Tree - Final Project (Booklet)English Language ArtsMackenzie, Miranda1
Nov 6Nov 14Chapter 3 QuizMathematicsMolas, Justin0
Nov 2Nov 24Introduction & Blog Post #1English Language ArtsMackenzie, Miranda0
Oct 23Oct 30Chapter 2 Unit TestSocial StudiesMackenzie, Miranda1
Oct 19Oct 25Social Studies Chapter 2 ProjectSocial StudiesMackenzie, Miranda0
Oct 16Oct 24Fish in a Tree - Trading Card AssignmentEnglish Language ArtsMackenzie, Miranda1
Oct 16Oct 26Chapter 2 Unit ExamMathematicsMolas, Justin0
Oct 16Oct 26Unit 1 Interactions and Ecosystems Exam Part BScienceMolas, Justin0
Oct 9Nov 2Unit 1 Interactions and Ecosystems Final ProjectScienceMolas, Justin0
Oct 6Oct 13Interactions and Ecosystems QuizScienceMolas, Justin0
Sep 20Sep 25Chapter 1 Unit TestSocial StudiesMackenzie, Miranda1
Sep 19Sep 22Totem Pole ProjectSocial StudiesMackenzie, Miranda1
Sep 18Sep 20Aboriginal Groups of Canada Social StudiesMackenzie, Miranda1
Sep 14Sep 19Scientific Method Gum Lab ReportScienceMolas, Justin0
Sep 14Sep 21Chapter 1 Unit ExamMathematicsMolas, Justin0
Jun 12Jun 26Final Exam Study GuideSocial StudiesWehlage, Courtney1
Jun 9Jun 1512,13,14 assignment and study guide Social StudiesWehlage, Courtney1
Jun 9Jun 1512,13,14 assignment and study guide Social StudiesWehlage, Courtney1
Jun 8Jun 15Chapter 12,13,14 QuizSocial StudiesWehlage, Courtney1
Jun 5Jun 12"Flipped" Comprehension TestEnglish Language ArtsKing-Hunter, Dawn0
Jun 1Jun 13Planet Earth Unit ExamScienceMolas, Justin0
Jun 1Jun 13Chapter 12 Unit ExamMathematicsMolas, Justin0
May 30May 31Chapter 12 notes Social StudiesWehlage, Courtney2
May 16May 25Chapter 11: Food Festival! Social StudiesWehlage, Courtney1
May 16May 25Chapter 11: Textbook and bookletsSocial StudiesWehlage, Courtney2
May 10May 16Chapter 10 QuizSocial StudiesWehlage, Courtney2
May 4May 19Chapter 10 Textbook Social StudiesWehlage, Courtney1
May 1May 3Chapter 9 Quiz Social StudiesWehlage, Courtney1
Apr 28May 2BibliographyEnglish Language ArtsKing-Hunter, Dawn0
Apr 24May 3Chapter 9 answers and projectSocial StudiesWehlage, Courtney2
Apr 11Apr 28Ethnic Clothing, Fine Arts Report, Awesome Activities List, T-Shirt, Travel BrochureEnglish Language ArtsKing-Hunter, Dawn0
Apr 3Apr 13Math Unit Exam Chapter 9- IntegersMathematicsMolas, Justin0
Apr 3Apr 13Science Structures and Forces Unit ExamScienceMolas, Justin0
Mar 28Jun 30Chapter 8- TextbookSocial StudiesWehlage, Courtney1
Mar 27Jun 30Chapter 8- questionsSocial StudiesWehlage, Courtney2
Mar 27Apr 7WITW: Language, Menu/Recipe, Post CardEnglish Language ArtsKing-Hunter, Dawn0
Mar 20Apr 13Where in the World?English Language ArtsKing-Hunter, Dawn2
Mar 20Mar 27WITW Tracking SheetEnglish Language ArtsKing-Hunter, Dawn0
Mar 20Mar 27WITW FlagEnglish Language ArtsKing-Hunter, Dawn0
Mar 20Mar 28Chapter 8 Unit ExamMathematicsMolas, Justin0
Mar 20Apr 13BibliographyEnglish Language ArtsKing-Hunter, Dawn1
Mar 15Mar 24Chapter 7 Booklet and Assignments Social StudiesWehlage, Courtney3
Jan 12Jun 30Textbook online Social StudiesWehlage, Courtney1