Homeroom: 7I

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Assigned Due Homework Subject Teacher Files
Apr 23Apr 20L.A. Hip Hop Vocabulary QuizEnglish Language ArtsRickards, Nicholas0
Apr 23Apr 18Science - Heat and Temperature QuizScienceRickards, Nicholas0
Apr 19Apr 19Social Ch. 8 TestSocial StudiesRickards, Nicholas0
Apr 18Apr 26Social Ch. 8 Exam - Completed study Guide AttacheSocial StudiesRickards, Nicholas1
Apr 13Apr 18This is a Story Hip Hop LyricsEnglish Language ArtsRickards, Nicholas1
Apr 11Apr 17Math Ch. 9 Unit TestMathematicsRickards, Nicholas0
Mar 26Mar 29Social Ch. 7 Test (Completed study guide attached)Social StudiesRickards, Nicholas1
Mar 12Mar 26Math Ch. 8 TestMathematicsRickards, Nicholas0