Homeroom: 7I

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Assigned Due Homework Subject Teacher Files
Jan 8Jan 12Math Probability QuizMathematicsRickards, Nicholas0
Jan 8Jan 18Math Probability TestMathematicsRickards, Nicholas0
Dec 11Dec 21Science - Plants Final TestScienceRickards, Nicholas1
Dec 11Dec 20Social Ch. 4 ExamSocial StudiesRickards, Nicholas2
Dec 6Dec 11Science - Plants QuizScienceRickards, Nicholas0
Dec 5Dec 14Math Ch. 4 Unit ExamMathematicsRickards, Nicholas0
Dec 4Dec 7Math Ch. 4 QuizMathematicsRickards, Nicholas1
Dec 4Dec 18L.A. Turning Points EssayEnglish Language ArtsRickards, Nicholas0
Nov 29Nov 30Social Ch. 3 Exam - Completed study Guide AttachedSocial StudiesRickards, Nicholas1
Nov 23Nov 30Social Ch. 3 ExamSocial StudiesRickards, Nicholas0
Nov 20Nov 30Social Ch. 3 Assignment - Comic StripSocial StudiesRickards, Nicholas1
Nov 15Nov 19Math Ch. 3 QuizMathematicsRickards, Nicholas1
Nov 15Nov 23Math Ch. 3 ExamMathematicsRickards, Nicholas1
Nov 3Nov 3Social Ch. 2 Exam - Completed study Guide AttachedSocial StudiesRickards, Nicholas1
Oct 31Nov 1Science - Interactions and Ecosystems Unit TestScienceRickards, Nicholas1
Oct 26Nov 2Ch. 2 Diary AssignmentSocial StudiesRickards, Nicholas0
Oct 24Nov 7Making an EcosystemScienceRickards, Nicholas1
Oct 23Oct 27Math Ch. 2 Unit Exam Part 1MathematicsRickards, Nicholas0
Oct 23Oct 30Math Ch. 2 Unit Exam Part 2MathematicsRickards, Nicholas0
Oct 12Oct 26Rabble Rouser SpeechEnglish Language ArtsRickards, Nicholas1
Oct 3Oct 4Ch. 1 - Unit Exam Study GuideSocial StudiesRickards, Nicholas1
Sep 25Oct 4Ch. 1 - Unit ExamSocial StudiesRickards, Nicholas0
Sep 20Sep 20 QuizMathematicsRickards, Nicholas1
Sep 19Sep 21Bubble Gum LabScienceRickards, Nicholas1
Sep 14Nov 20Term 1 Book ReportEnglish Language ArtsRickards, Nicholas1
Sep 14Nov 20Term 1 Book ReportEnglish Language ArtsRickards, Nicholas1
Sep 13Oct 3Ch. 1 Project - Deer SkinSocial StudiesRickards, Nicholas1
Sep 13Sep 22Math Unit ExamMathematicsRickards, Nicholas0
Sep 12Sep 20Days of Future Past LetterEnglish Language ArtsRickards, Nicholas1
Jun 5Jun 9Where in the World Research ProjectEnglish Language ArtsOliver, Amanda1
Jun 1Jun 12Chapter 13 + 14 TestSocial StudiesSutherland, Drew2
Jun 1Jun 13Chapter 12 Unit ExamMathematicsMolas, Justin0
Jun 1Jun 26Final Exam ReviewSocial StudiesSutherland, Drew2
May 25May 25Final Paragraph - In ClassEnglish Language ArtsOliver, Amanda1
May 18May 25Chapter 11 and 12 TestSocial StudiesSutherland, Drew2
May 11May 18Acrostic PoemSocial StudiesSutherland, Drew1
May 8May 18Immigration FeastSocial StudiesSutherland, Drew0
May 1May 8Chapter 10 timelineSocial StudiesSutherland, Drew1
Apr 26May 3Chapter 10 TestSocial StudiesSutherland, Drew2
Apr 7Apr 7Chapter 9 Jeopardy ReviewSocial StudiesSutherland, Drew1
Apr 4Apr 11Chapter 9 TestSocial StudiesSutherland, Drew1
Apr 3Apr 5Chapter 9 in class assignmentSocial StudiesSutherland, Drew0
Apr 3Apr 13Math Unit Exam Chapter 9- IntegersMathematicsMolas, Justin0
Mar 30Apr 13Poetry Anthology English Language ArtsOliver, Amanda1
Mar 27Apr 6Poetry QuestEnglish Language ArtsOliver, Amanda1
Mar 23Mar 29Political Cartoon AnalysisSocial StudiesSutherland, Drew2
Mar 20Mar 28Louis Riel TrialSocial StudiesSutherland, Drew2
Mar 20Mar 28Chapter 8 Unit ExamMathematicsMolas, Justin0
Mar 15Mar 22Chapter 8 TestSocial StudiesSutherland, Drew2
Mar 1Mar 8Confederation PosterSocial StudiesSutherland, Drew1
Mar 1Apr 12Science 7-Unit 4 Exam: Structures and ForcesScienceFletcher, Brandon0
Feb 27Mar 6Chapter 7 TestSocial StudiesSutherland, Drew2
Feb 27Mar 9Math Chapter 7 Unit ExamMathematicsMolas, Justin0
Feb 6Feb 16Short Story AssessmentEnglish Language ArtsOliver, Amanda1
Feb 1Feb 8Chapter 6 TestSocial StudiesSutherland, Drew2
Feb 1Feb 9Chapter 6 Postage StampSocial StudiesSutherland, Drew1
Jan 23Jan 26Math Chap 6 QuizMathematicsMolas, Justin0
Jan 23Jan 31Math Chap 6 Unit ExamMathematicsMolas, Justin0
Jan 23Feb 14Math MidtermMathematicsMolas, Justin0
Jan 13Jan 20Chapter 5 TestSocial StudiesSutherland, Drew2