Homeroom: 8B

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Assigned Due Homework Subject Teacher Files
Apr 24Apr 245.1-5.3 QUIZMathematicsDypolt, Deana0
Apr 23Apr 245.3 PQMathematicsDypolt, Deana0
Apr 18May 3Chap. 5 ExamMathematicsDypolt, Deana0
Apr 17Apr 24Section 3 quizScienceKornelsen, Rod0
Apr 17Apr 195.1/5.2 PQ'sMathematicsDypolt, Deana0
Apr 12Apr 12Chapter 7 EXAMMathematicsDypolt, Deana0
Apr 11Apr 13Types of Sentences TestEnglish Language ArtsBabki, Jodie0
Apr 10Apr 20Highschool Registration FormsSocial StudiesWeatherall, Geoff1
Mar 27Mar 287.3 Practice QuestionsMathematicsDypolt, Deana0
Mar 26Mar 267.1/7.2 QUIZMathematicsDypolt, Deana0
Mar 21Mar 28Section 1,2 QuizScienceKornelsen, Rod0
Mar 12Apr 10Archeological Discovery - Ch. 10 & 11 ProjectSocial StudiesWeatherall, Geoff1
Mar 6Mar 27Aztec Unit Final TestSocial StudiesWeatherall, Geoff1
Mar 6Mar 26Chapter 11 QuizSocial StudiesWeatherall, Geoff1