Homeroom: 8B

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Assigned Due Homework Subject Teacher Files
Apr 24Apr 245.1-5.3 QUIZMathematicsDypolt, Deana0
Apr 23Apr 245.3 PQMathematicsDypolt, Deana0
Apr 18May 3Chap. 5 ExamMathematicsDypolt, Deana0
Apr 17Apr 195.1/5.2 PQ'sMathematicsDypolt, Deana0
Apr 17Apr 24Section 3 quizScienceKornelsen, Rod0
Apr 12Apr 12Chapter 7 EXAMMathematicsDypolt, Deana0
Apr 11Apr 13Types of Sentences TestEnglish Language ArtsBabki, Jodie0
Apr 10Apr 20Highschool Registration FormsSocial StudiesWeatherall, Geoff1
Mar 27Mar 287.3 Practice QuestionsMathematicsDypolt, Deana0
Mar 26Mar 267.1/7.2 QUIZMathematicsDypolt, Deana0
Mar 22Mar 237.2 Row Math WorksheetMathematicsDypolt, Deana0
Mar 21Mar 28Section 1,2 QuizScienceKornelsen, Rod0
Mar 12Apr 10Archeological Discovery - Ch. 10 & 11 ProjectSocial StudiesWeatherall, Geoff1
Mar 9Mar 19Dystopian Future Mind MapEnglish Language ArtsBabki, Jodie0
Mar 6Mar 86.6 Practice QuestionsMathematicsDypolt, Deana0
Mar 6Mar 19Chapter 10 QuizSocial StudiesWeatherall, Geoff1
Mar 6Mar 26Chapter 11 QuizSocial StudiesWeatherall, Geoff1
Mar 6Mar 27Aztec Unit Final TestSocial StudiesWeatherall, Geoff1
Mar 1Mar 26.5 Practice QuestionsMathematicsDypolt, Deana0
Feb 27Feb 286.4 Practice QuestionsMathematicsDypolt, Deana0
Feb 26Mar 5Chapter 9 QuizSocial StudiesWeatherall, Geoff1
Feb 14Feb 156.3 Practice QuestionsMathematicsDypolt, Deana0
Feb 14Feb 27Unit ExamScienceKornelsen, Rod0
Feb 13Feb 26La Geographia Manda MapSocial StudiesWeatherall, Geoff1
Feb 8Feb 126.2 Practice QuestionsMathematicsDypolt, Deana0
Feb 8Mar 1Chapter 9 WorkbooksSocial StudiesWeatherall, Geoff0
Feb 7Feb 14Eyeball QuizScienceKornelsen, Rod0
Feb 5Feb 66.1 Practice QuestionsMathematicsDypolt, Deana0
Feb 1Feb 156.1-6.3 QUIZMathematicsDypolt, Deana0
Feb 1Mar 13Chap. 6 EXAMMathematicsDypolt, Deana0
Jan 31Feb 7Chapter 8 TestSocial StudiesWeatherall, Geoff1
Jan 31Feb 8Chapter 8 Student Choice ProjectSocial StudiesWeatherall, Geoff1
Jan 25Jan 263.5 Practice QuestionsMathematicsDypolt, Deana0
Jan 25Feb 5Chapter 8 WorkbookSocial StudiesWeatherall, Geoff0
Jan 23Jan 29Section 1,2 quizScienceKornelsen, Rod1
Jan 22Jan 30Chapter 3 EXAMMathematicsDypolt, Deana0
Jan 17Jan 25Punctuation TestEnglish Language ArtsBabki, Jodie1
Jan 17Jan 26Final Punctuation Assignment English Language ArtsBabki, Jodie1
Jan 16Jan 183.2 Practice QuestionsMathematicsDypolt, Deana0
Jan 16Jan 25Welcome to Tenochtitlan Billboard AssignmentSocial StudiesWeatherall, Geoff1
Jan 16Jan 24Chapter 7 TestSocial StudiesWeatherall, Geoff0
Jan 12Jan 193.1 & 3.2 QUIZMathematicsDypolt, Deana0
Jan 11Jan 19Punctuation Practice English Language ArtsBabki, Jodie0
Jan 8Jan 15Aztec Title PageSocial StudiesWeatherall, Geoff1
Dec 14Dec 1510.3 Practice QuestionsMathematicsDypolt, Deana0
Dec 11Dec 20Machines Unit ExamScienceKornelsen, Rod0
Dec 11Dec 1210.2 Practice QuestionsMathematicsDypolt, Deana0
Dec 8Dec 15Chapter 6 WorkbooksSocial StudiesWeatherall, Geoff0
Dec 7Dec 810.1 Practice QuestionsMathematicsDypolt, Deana0
Dec 5Dec 14Poetry Final TestEnglish Language ArtsBabki, Jodie0
Dec 5Dec 19Poetry Final Assignment English Language ArtsBabki, Jodie0
Dec 4Dec 21Chap. 10 EXAMMathematicsDypolt, Deana0
Nov 30Dec 8Chapter 5 WorkbooksSocial StudiesWeatherall, Geoff0
Nov 30Dec 19Chapters 5 & 6 QuizSocial StudiesWeatherall, Geoff1
Nov 30Dec 21Renaissance Unit TestSocial StudiesWeatherall, Geoff1
Nov 29Dec 1I am and My Name is...Poems English Language ArtsBabki, Jodie0
Nov 27Dec 18Rube Goldberg ProjectScienceKornelsen, Rod1
Nov 24Nov 289.2 Practice QuestionsMathematicsDypolt, Deana0
Nov 22Nov 29Chapter 4 TestSocial StudiesWeatherall, Geoff1
Nov 22Nov 24Renaissance Money AssignmentSocial StudiesWeatherall, Geoff1
Nov 22Nov 27Torn Paper PoemEnglish Language ArtsBabki, Jodie0
Nov 22Dec 4Chap. 9 EXAMMathematicsDypolt, Deana0
Nov 21Nov 229.1 Practice QuestinosMathematicsDypolt, Deana0
Nov 17Nov 22Figurative Language Creative Writing PieceEnglish Language ArtsBabki, Jodie1
Nov 15Nov 21Mechanical Systems Section 1 QuizScienceKornelsen, Rod0
Nov 14Nov 158.5 Practice QuestionsMathematicsDypolt, Deana0
Nov 7Nov 8Figurative Language Practice BookletEnglish Language ArtsBabki, Jodie0
Nov 7Nov 16Figurative Language Final ExamEnglish Language ArtsBabki, Jodie0
Nov 6Nov 78.4 Practice QuestionsMathematicsDypolt, Deana0
Nov 3Nov 68.3 Practice QuestionsMathematicsDypolt, Deana0
Nov 2Nov 6Figurative Language Practice - Puns, Anaphora, and SynecdocheEnglish Language ArtsBabki, Jodie0
Oct 30Oct 318.2 Practice QuestionsMathematicsDypolt, Deana0
Oct 26Oct 278.1 Practice QuestionsMathematicsDypolt, Deana0
Oct 26Oct 318.1 & 8.2 QuizMathematicsDypolt, Deana0
Oct 26Nov 78.3 & 8.4 QuizMathematicsDypolt, Deana0
Oct 26Nov 16Chap. 8 ExamMathematicsDypolt, Deana0
Oct 26Oct 30AllusionsEnglish Language ArtsBabki, Jodie0
Oct 23Oct 31Mix and Flow Unit ExamScienceKornelsen, Rod0
Oct 23Oct 24Alliteration and Personification English Language ArtsBabki, Jodie0
Oct 23Oct 30Chapter 2 TestSocial StudiesWeatherall, Geoff1
Oct 23Nov 1City State Travel BrochureSocial StudiesWeatherall, Geoff1
Oct 17Oct 182.3 Practice QuestionsMathematicsDypolt, Deana0
Oct 12Oct 132.2 Practice QuestionsMathematicsDypolt, Deana0
Oct 4Oct 62.1 Practice QuestionsMathematicsDypolt, Deana0
Oct 4Oct 23Chapter 2 ExamMathematicsDypolt, Deana0
Oct 4Oct 6Assessment questions section 2.3ScienceKornelsen, Rod0
Oct 2Oct 6Fundraiser envelopes!ScienceKornelsen, Rod0
Sep 29Oct 11Middle Ages Museum ProjectSocial StudiesWeatherall, Geoff1
Sep 28Oct 4Parts of Speech TestEnglish Language ArtsBabki, Jodie0
Sep 26Sep 284.4 Practice QuestionsMathematicsDypolt, Deana0
Sep 26Oct 4Chapter One TestSocial StudiesWeatherall, Geoff1
Sep 20Sep 26Quiz Section 1,2ScienceKornelsen, Rod0
Sep 19Sep 214.3 Practice QuestionsMathematicsDypolt, Deana0
Sep 18Sep 21BRING A WHITE T SHIRTScienceKornelsen, Rod0
Sep 18Sep 25Renaissance Title PageSocial StudiesWeatherall, Geoff1
Sep 13Sep 14Assessment questionsScienceKornelsen, Rod0
Sep 12Sep 144.2 Practice QuestionsMathematicsDypolt, Deana0
Sep 12Sep 18Worldview PosterSocial StudiesWeatherall, Geoff1
Sep 8Sep 114.1 Practice QuestionsMathematicsDypolt, Deana1
Sep 8Sep 14Understanding Worldview WorkbookSocial StudiesWeatherall, Geoff1
Sep 7Sep 13This I BelieveEnglish Language ArtsBabki, Jodie1
Sep 6Sep 144.1 & 4.2 QuizMathematicsDypolt, Deana0
Sep 4Sep 28Chapter 4 ExamMathematicsDypolt, Deana0
Jun 12Jun 15Chapter 14-16 Study GuideSocial StudiesColeby, Fay1
Jun 12Jun 26Final Exam Study GuideSocial StudiesColeby, Fay1
Jun 12Jun 14Chapter 16 QuestionsSocial StudiesColeby, Fay1
Jun 5Jun 12Meiji NewsSocial StudiesColeby, Fay2
May 31Jun 2Chapter 15 QuestionsSocial StudiesColeby, Fay1
May 31Jun 2Chapter 15 QuestionsSocial StudiesColeby, Fay1
May 29Jun 2Written Final Language Arts: Outsiders EssayEnglish Language ArtsBabki, Jodie1
May 25May 30Water Section 1,2 quizScienceKornelsen, Rod0
May 23May 251.2 Practice QuestionsMathematicsDypolt, Deana0
May 22May 29Chapter 14 QuestionsSocial StudiesColeby, Fay2
May 20Jun 23Langauge Arts Comprehension Final ExamEnglish Language ArtsBabki, Jodie1
May 19Jun 27Math Multiple Choice FinalMathematicsDypolt, Deana0
May 18May 231.1 Practice QuestionsMathematicsDypolt, Deana0
May 18May 26Outsiders Final ProjectEnglish Language ArtsBabki, Jodie1
May 16May 25Outsiders Final ExamEnglish Language ArtsBabki, Jodie1
May 16May 251.1 & 1.2 QUIZMathematicsDypolt, Deana0
May 16Jun 1Chap 1 ExamMathematicsDypolt, Deana0
May 8May 1011.3 Practice QuestionsMathematicsDypolt, Deana0
May 8May 11Study GuideSocial StudiesColeby, Fay1
May 8May 12Outsiders Portrait PoemEnglish Language ArtsBabki, Jodie1
May 4May 511.2 Practice QuestionsMathematicsDypolt, Deana0
May 2May 311.1 Practice QuestionsMathematicsDypolt, Deana0
May 1May 8Japanese Hierarchy or 47 Ronin ActivitySocial StudiesColeby, Fay1
May 1May 8Japanese Hierarchy or 47 Ronin ActivitySocial StudiesColeby, Fay1
Apr 26May 511.1 & 11.2 QUIZMathematicsDypolt, Deana0
Apr 26May 11Chapter 11 ExamMathematicsDypolt, Deana0
Apr 26Jun 16Math Written FinalMathematicsDypolt, Deana0
Apr 26May 2Cells and Systems Unit ExamScienceKornelsen, Rod0
Apr 3Apr 26Chapter 5 ExamMathematicsDypolt, Deana0
Dec 6Jun 29VocaliD presentationScienceKornelsen, Rod0