Homeroom: 8F

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Assigned Due Homework Subject Teacher Files
Apr 26Apr 28Simple machines worksheetScienceKeller, Susan3
Apr 13May 19Mechanical Systems workbookScienceKeller, Susan1
Apr 13Apr 27Chapter 12 Questions Guided Notes and QuestionsSocial StudiesWright, Joseph2
Apr 7Apr 13Map of JapanSocial StudiesWright, Joseph2
Apr 4Apr 7Cells and Human Systems Quiz 2ScienceKeller, Susan0
Apr 3Apr 6Excretory and Nervous system workbooksScienceKeller, Susan4
Apr 3Apr 13Poetry Writing AssignmentEnglish Language ArtsOliver, Amanda1
Mar 30Apr 26Chapter 5 Surface Area ExamMathematicsAnderberg, Brenda0
Mar 30Apr 11Cells and Human Systems FINAL UNIT ExamScienceKeller, Susan0
Mar 30Apr 115.1-5.3 quizMathematicsAnderberg, Brenda0
Mar 30Apr 13Chapter 5 Surface Area AssignmentMathematicsAnderberg, Brenda1
Mar 29Mar 29Chapter 7 Exam VolumeMathematicsAnderberg, Brenda0
Mar 28Mar 30Digestive System workbookScienceKeller, Susan3
Mar 27Mar 277.3-7.4 assignmentMathematicsAnderberg, Brenda0
Mar 27Apr 6Poetry In Class AssessmentEnglish Language ArtsOliver, Amanda1
Mar 27Apr 27Chapter 9 and 11 QuizSocial StudiesWright, Joseph1
Mar 23Apr 3Chapter 11: Guided Note and QuestionsSocial StudiesWright, Joseph2
Oct 3Jun 23My Year of ReadingEnglish Language ArtsOliver, Amanda2