Homeroom: 8F

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Assigned Due Homework Subject Teacher Files
Jun 27Jun 27Social 8 Final ExamSocial StudiesWright, Joseph3
Jun 25Jun 25Math Multiple Choice FinalMathematicsAnderberg, Brenda0
Jun 18Jun 18Chapter 14 and 15 Test Social StudiesWright, Joseph1
Jun 15Jun 15Math Written FinalMathematicsAnderberg, Brenda0
Jun 13Jun 13Petitioning the Shogun Paragraph AssignmentSocial StudiesWright, Joseph1
Jun 7Jun 7Chapter 15 - Contact and Change in Meiji Japan (Guided Notes)Social StudiesWright, Joseph1
Jun 7Jun 7Chapter 1 TestMathematicsAnderberg, Brenda0
Jun 4Jun 41.1-1.2 quizMathematicsAnderberg, Brenda0
May 31May 31Chapter 14 - Edo Japan: A Closed Society (Guided Notes)Social StudiesWright, Joseph1
May 24May 24Chapter 12 - 13 TestSocial StudiesWright, Joseph3
May 22May 22Japanese Social Hierarchy Flapbook AssignemntSocial StudiesWright, Joseph2
May 22May 28Fresh & Saltwater Systems QuizScienceMuirhead, Laura0
May 22May 22Chapter 11 ExamMathematicsAnderberg, Brenda0
May 16May 16Japanese Gardens Permission FormSocial StudiesWright, Joseph1
May 15May 18Persuasive Paragraph English Language ArtsOliver, Amanda1
May 15May 15Chapter 13 Guided NotesSocial StudiesWright, Joseph2
May 14May 1411.1-11.2 QuizMathematicsAnderberg, Brenda0
May 9Jun 26Science 8 FinalScienceMuirhead, Laura0
May 3May 3Chapter 5 ExamMathematicsAnderberg, Brenda0
Apr 30Apr 30Chapter 5 AssignmentMathematicsAnderberg, Brenda0
Apr 27May 3Cells & Systems Unit ExamScienceMuirhead, Laura0
Apr 26May 1Mapping Japan's Physical GeographySocial StudiesWright, Joseph1
Apr 26May 8Chapter 12 " Shaping A Unique Worldview" Guided Notes and QuestionsSocial StudiesWright, Joseph2
Apr 24Apr 245.1-5.4 quizMathematicsAnderberg, Brenda0
Apr 17Apr 30Digestive System ComicScienceMuirhead, Laura1
Apr 16Apr 27Body Systems QuizScienceMuirhead, Laura1
Apr 10Apr 24Chapter 9 and 11 TestSocial StudiesWright, Joseph4
Sep 25Jun 18My Year of ReadingEnglish Language ArtsOliver, Amanda1
Sep 5Jun 28Social 8 Textbook LinkSocial StudiesWright, Joseph0