Homeroom: 8G

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Assigned Due Homework Subject Teacher Files
May 9May 10Mechanical Definitions & FormulasScienceMckenzie, Kyle3
May 8May 8Mechanical Systems Quiz IScienceMckenzie, Kyle0
May 5May 5Triple Lab Prediction QuestionsScienceMckenzie, Kyle1
Apr 28Jun 27Math Final (multiple choice)MathematicsAnderberg, Brenda0
Apr 28May 4Triple Lab ReportScienceMckenzie, Kyle1
Apr 28Jun 16Written Math Final(Problem Solving)MathematicsAnderberg, Brenda0
Apr 27May 11Chapter 11 ExamMathematicsAnderberg, Brenda0
Apr 27May 511.1-11.2 quizMathematicsAnderberg, Brenda0
Oct 3Jun 23My Year of ReadingEnglish Language ArtsOliver, Amanda2