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Assigned Due Homework Subject Teacher Files
Jan 30Jan 30Chapter 3 ExamMathematicsAnderberg, Brenda0
Jan 22Feb 6An Imperialist Mindset AssignmentSocial StudiesWright, Joseph2
Jan 19Jul 1Practice quiz 1 and 2 for Light and OpticsScienceBexson, Tanner2
Jan 19Jun 29Topic 1,2,3 and 4 notes ScienceBexson, Tanner2
Jan 19Jan 25Punctuation Practice Package and Practice Test English Language ArtsOliver, Amanda3
Jan 19Jan 29Punctuation AssignmentEnglish Language ArtsOliver, Amanda1
Jan 19Jun 29Light and optics unit packetScienceBexson, Tanner1
Jan 18Jan 183.1-3.2 QuizMathematicsAnderberg, Brenda0
Jan 17Jan 25Punctuation TestEnglish Language ArtsOliver, Amanda2
Jan 15Jan 153.1 and 3.3 assignmentMathematicsAnderberg, Brenda0
Jan 15Feb 5Chapter 5 and 6 TestSocial StudiesWright, Joseph3
Jan 15Jan 30Chapter 6 "Imperialism" Guided Notes and QuestionsSocial StudiesWright, Joseph2
Jan 8Jan 18Chapter 5 Guided Notes and QuestionsSocial StudiesWright, Joseph3
Dec 21Dec 21Chapter 10 Unit ExamMathematicsAnderberg, Brenda0
Dec 19Jan 10Renaissance Thinker Award AssignmentSocial StudiesWright, Joseph4
Dec 14Jun 29Practice quiz 2 ScienceBexson, Tanner1
Dec 5Dec 22Rube goldberg projectScienceBexson, Tanner1
Dec 1Dec 22A Humanist Approach Student Collaboration VideoSocial StudiesWright, Joseph0
Nov 23Jun 29Practice quiz 1 for Mechanical SystemsScienceBexson, Tanner1
Nov 23Jul 4Lever Action LabScienceBexson, Tanner1
Nov 23Jun 29Topic 2,3 notesScienceBexson, Tanner2
Nov 10Jun 29Topic 1 notes for Mechanical SystemsScienceBexson, Tanner1
Nov 3Jun 29Mix and Flow of Matter ProjectScienceBexson, Tanner1
Oct 20Jun 29Practice assessment 2ScienceBexson, Tanner1
Oct 20Jun 29Topic 4,5 and 6 notesScienceBexson, Tanner2
Oct 20Jun 29Calculating density assignmentScienceBexson, Tanner1
Sep 26Jun 29Practice assessmentScienceBexson, Tanner1
Sep 26Jun 29Topic 1,2,3 notesScienceBexson, Tanner3
Sep 25Jun 18My Year of ReadingEnglish Language ArtsOliver, Amanda1
Sep 5Jun 28Social 8 Textbook LinkSocial StudiesWright, Joseph0