Homeroom: 8I

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Assigned Due Homework Subject Teacher Files
Jun 4Jun 11Chapters 14,15,16 TestSocial StudiesMuirhead, Laura1
Jun 4Jun 14Fresh & Saltwater Unit TestScienceMuirhead, Laura0
May 29Jun 41.1 & 1.2 QuizMathematicsMuirhead, Laura0
May 29May 301.1 Practice QuestionsMathematicsMuirhead, Laura0
May 29Jun 7Chapter 1 Unit TestMathematicsMuirhead, Laura0
May 24Jun 5Meiji Newspaper ProjectSocial StudiesMuirhead, Laura1
May 22May 28Fresh & Saltwater Systems QuizScienceMuirhead, Laura0
May 15May 22Exclusion Laws PosterSocial StudiesMuirhead, Laura1
May 14Jun 1Hip-Hop PresentationsEnglish Language ArtsRickards, Nicholas0
May 9May 1011.1 Practice QuestionsMathematicsMuirhead, Laura0
May 9May 25LA Written FinalEnglish Language ArtsMuirhead, Laura0
May 9Jun 15Math Written FinalMathematicsMuirhead, Laura0
May 9Jun 25Math 8 Final - Part BMathematicsMuirhead, Laura0
May 9Jun 26Science 8 FinalScienceMuirhead, Laura2
May 9Jun 27Social 8 FinalSocial StudiesMuirhead, Laura0
May 9Jun 22LA Final - Part BEnglish Language ArtsMuirhead, Laura0
May 8May 22Chapter 11 Unit ExamMathematicsMuirhead, Laura0
May 8May 1411.1 & 11.2 QuizMathematicsMuirhead, Laura0
May 8May 18L.A. Hip Hop Final AssignmentEnglish Language ArtsRickards, Nicholas0
May 1May 9Japanese Hierarchy FlipbooksSocial StudiesMuirhead, Laura1
Apr 30May 4Chapter 12/13 QuizSocial StudiesMuirhead, Laura1
Apr 27May 3Cells & Systems Unit ExamScienceMuirhead, Laura0
Apr 17Apr 30Digestive System ComicScienceMuirhead, Laura1
Apr 16Apr 245.1-5.3 QuizMathematicsMuirhead, Laura0
Apr 16May 3Chapter 5 ExamMathematicsMuirhead, Laura0
Apr 16Apr 27Body Systems QuizScienceMuirhead, Laura1
Apr 16Apr 18Map of JapanSocial StudiesMuirhead, Laura0
Apr 13Apr 18This is a Story Hip Hop LyricsEnglish Language ArtsRickards, Nicholas1
Apr 10Apr 117.3/7.4 PracticeMathematicsMuirhead, Laura0
Apr 10Apr 16Japan Title PageSocial StudiesMuirhead, Laura1
Mar 29Apr 13Body Systems Project RubricScienceMuirhead, Laura1
Mar 27Apr 12Body Systems Cheat SheetScienceMuirhead, Laura0
Mar 27Apr 16Body Systems Group PresentationScienceMuirhead, Laura0
Mar 13Mar 19Chapter 10 QuizSocial StudiesMuirhead, Laura1
Mar 13Mar 28Chapter 11 QuizSocial StudiesMuirhead, Laura1
Mar 13Mar 29Aztec Unit FinalSocial StudiesMuirhead, Laura1
Mar 12Mar 21Cells & Systems Quiz 1ScienceMuirhead, Laura0
Mar 12Mar 227.1 - 7.2 QuizMathematicsMuirhead, Laura0
Mar 12Apr 12Chapter 7 Unit TestMathematicsMuirhead, Laura0
Mar 7Mar 86.6 Practice QuestionsMathematicsMuirhead, Laura0
Mar 6Mar 16Advisor Food Drive ChallengeSocial StudiesMuirhead, Laura0
Feb 28Mar 6Chapter 9 TestSocial StudiesMuirhead, Laura1
Feb 28Mar 8The 4 G's Flip BookSocial StudiesMuirhead, Laura1
Feb 5Feb 12Grammar ComicEnglish Language ArtsRickards, Nicholas1
Feb 5Feb 12Grammar QuizEnglish Language ArtsRickards, Nicholas2
Feb 5Mar 19Term 2 Book ReportEnglish Language ArtsRickards, Nicholas2
Feb 2Mar 13Chapter 6 Unit TestMathematicsMuirhead, Laura0
Feb 2Feb 156.1-6.3 QuizMathematicsMuirhead, Laura0
Feb 2Feb 15Light & Optics Unit ExamScienceMuirhead, Laura1
Feb 1Feb 12Chapter 8 Student Choice ProjectSocial StudiesMuirhead, Laura1
Jan 31Feb 7Chapter 8 QuizSocial StudiesMuirhead, Laura0
Jan 17Jan 26Billboard AssignmentSocial StudiesMuirhead, Laura1
Jan 17Jan 24Chapter 7 Unit TestSocial StudiesMuirhead, Laura0
Jan 11Jan 17Light & Optics Quiz 1ScienceMuirhead, Laura0
Jan 11Jan 30Chapter 3 Unit TestMathematicsMuirhead, Laura0
Jan 11Jan 183.1-3.2 QuizMathematicsMuirhead, Laura0
Jan 10Jan 113.1 Practice QuestionsMathematicsMuirhead, Laura0
Jan 9Jan 153.1 & 3.3 AssignmentMathematicsMuirhead, Laura0
Jan 8Jan 12Aztec Title PageSocial StudiesMuirhead, Laura1
Dec 11Dec 1210.1 & 10.2 In-class AssignmentMathematicsMuirhead, Laura0
Dec 11Dec 1910.3 & 10.4 In-class AssignmentMathematicsMuirhead, Laura0
Dec 4Dec 21Chapter 10 ExamMathematicsMuirhead, Laura0
Dec 4Dec 20Mechanical Systems Unit TestScienceMuirhead, Laura0
Dec 4Dec 19Chapters 5/6 QuizSocial StudiesMuirhead, Laura1
Dec 4Dec 21Renaissance Unit TestSocial StudiesMuirhead, Laura1
Dec 1Dec 4Chapter 9 ReviewMathematicsMuirhead, Laura0
Dec 1Dec 8Chapter 5 WorkbookSocial StudiesMuirhead, Laura0
Nov 30Dec 19.3 Practice QuestionsMathematicsMuirhead, Laura0
Nov 27Nov 289.2 Practice QuestionsMathematicsMuirhead, Laura0
Nov 27Dec 18Rube Goldberg MachineScienceMuirhead, Laura1
Nov 23Nov 30Chapter 4 Unit Test - Exchange of IdeasSocial StudiesMuirhead, Laura1
Nov 23Dec 4Mona MoneySocial StudiesMuirhead, Laura1
Nov 21Nov 289.1 & 9.2 AssignmentMathematicsMuirhead, Laura0
Nov 21Dec 4Chapter 9 Unit TestMathematicsMuirhead, Laura0
Nov 14Nov 21Science QuizScienceMuirhead, Laura0
Nov 6Nov 15Chapter 3 Unit TestSocial StudiesMuirhead, Laura1
Nov 6Nov 78.4 Practice QuestionsMathematicsMuirhead, Laura0
Nov 6Nov 17Mona/Mana Lisa Renaissance Art ProjectsSocial StudiesMuirhead, Laura1
Oct 30Oct 318.2 Practice QuestionsMathematicsMuirhead, Laura0
Oct 30Oct 31Science Study Tool - Kahoot!ScienceMuirhead, Laura0
Oct 30Nov 78.3 & 8.4 QuizMathematicsMuirhead, Laura0
Oct 27Nov 18.1 & 8.2 QuizMathematicsMuirhead, Laura0
Oct 26Oct 278.1 Practice QuestionsMathematicsMuirhead, Laura0
Oct 24Oct 30Chapter 2 TestSocial StudiesMuirhead, Laura1
Oct 24Nov 2City-States Brochure AssignmentSocial StudiesMuirhead, Laura1
Oct 20Nov 16Chapter 8 Unit ExamMathematicsMuirhead, Laura0
Oct 19Oct 26Diving Deeply - SketchScienceMuirhead, Laura0
Oct 18Oct 24Italian City-States MapSocial StudiesMuirhead, Laura1
Oct 18Oct 30Diving Deeply Assignment - PROTOTYPES DUEScienceMuirhead, Laura1
Oct 17Oct 182.3 Practice QuestionsMathematicsMuirhead, Laura0
Oct 16Oct 19Particle Model of Matter QuizSocial StudiesMuirhead, Laura0
Oct 16Oct 31Mix & Flow of Matter Unit TestScienceMuirhead, Laura0
Oct 13Oct 13Density Calculations AssignmentScienceMuirhead, Laura0
Oct 12Oct 26Rabble Rouser SpeechEnglish Language ArtsRickards, Nicholas1
Oct 11Oct 13Density LabScienceMuirhead, Laura1
Oct 11Oct 132.2 Practice QuestionsMathematicsMuirhead, Laura0
Oct 4Oct 62.1 Practice QuestionsMathematicsMuirhead, Laura0
Oct 4Oct 6Please Return Your Fundraiser Envelopes!ScienceMuirhead, Laura0
Oct 2Oct 23Chapter 2 Unit TestMathematicsMuirhead, Laura0
Oct 2Oct 132.1 & 2.2 AssignmentMathematicsMuirhead, Laura0
Sep 29Oct 11Middle Ages Museum Artifacts AssignmentSocial StudiesMuirhead, Laura1
Sep 27Oct 4Chapter 1 TestSocial StudiesMuirhead, Laura1
Sep 27Sep 28Chapter 4 Review QuestionsMathematicsMuirhead, Laura0
Sep 26Sep 274.4 Practice QuestionsMathematicsMuirhead, Laura0
Sep 25Sep 29Bring a White T-ShirtScienceMuirhead, Laura0
Sep 22Sep 27Sections 1&2 QuizScienceMuirhead, Laura0
Sep 22Sep 28Chapter 4 Unit TestMathematicsMuirhead, Laura0
Sep 22Sep 25Workbook Questions 2.3ScienceMuirhead, Laura0
Sep 19Sep 214.3 Practice QuestionsMathematicsMuirhead, Laura0
Sep 18Sep 25Renaissance Title PageSocial StudiesMuirhead, Laura1
Sep 15Nov 20Term 1 Book ReportEnglish Language ArtsRickards, Nicholas1
Sep 14Sep 182.1 Section QuestionsScienceMuirhead, Laura0
Sep 13Sep 18Worldview Poster AssignmentSocial StudiesMuirhead, Laura1
Sep 12Sep 20Days of Future Past LetterEnglish Language ArtsRickards, Nicholas1
Sep 8Sep 114.1 Practice QuestionsMathematicsMuirhead, Laura0
Sep 8Sep 144.1/4.2 Math QuizMathematicsMuirhead, Laura0
Sep 7Sep 11Marine Biology Trip Information SessionScienceMuirhead, Laura0
Sep 7Jun 29Social 8 TextbookSocial StudiesMuirhead, Laura0
Sep 6Sep 29FUNDRAISER!Social StudiesMuirhead, Laura0