Homeroom: 8I

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Assigned Due Homework Subject Teacher Files
Sep 25Sep 29Bring a White T-ShirtScienceMuirhead, Laura0
Sep 22Sep 25Workbook Questions 2.3ScienceMuirhead, Laura0
Sep 22Sep 27Sections 1&2 QuizScienceMuirhead, Laura0
Sep 22Sep 28Chapter 4 Unit TestMathematicsMuirhead, Laura0
Sep 19Oct 31Sign up For RemindScienceMuirhead, Laura1
Sep 19Sep 214.3 Practice QuestionsMathematicsMuirhead, Laura0
Sep 18Sep 25Renaissance Title PageSocial StudiesMuirhead, Laura1
Sep 12Sep 20Days of Future Past LetterEnglish Language ArtsRickards, Nicholas1
Sep 7Jun 29Social 8 TextbookSocial StudiesMuirhead, Laura0
Sep 6Sep 29FUNDRAISER!Social StudiesMuirhead, Laura0