Homeroom: K & E

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Assigned Due Homework Subject Teacher Files
Dec 17Dec 20Probability Unit Test MathematicsMcGee, Lisa1
Dec 10Dec 20Read 180English Language ArtsMcGee, Lisa0
Dec 6Dec 10Probability Games MathematicsMcGee, Lisa0
Nov 7Nov 8Math Fractions Practice MathematicsMcGee, Lisa0
Oct 29Nov 1Science Unit 1 Quiz ScienceMcGee, Lisa0
Oct 11Oct 18Coordinates Unit TestMathematicsMcGee, Lisa0
Oct 11Oct 12WWI Over The TopSocial StudiesMcGee, Lisa0
Sep 28Oct 5Math Translation, Reflection, Rotation Practice MathematicsMcGee, Lisa0
Sep 12Sep 12Coordinates PracticeMathematicsMcGee, Lisa0