Homeroom: 6I

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Assigned Due Homework Subject Teacher Files
May 14May 15Unit 8 lesson 3MathematicsGrant, Kristin0
May 14Jun 15Textbook Chapter 3 - ANCIENT ATHENSSocial StudiesGrant, Kristin1
May 4May 8Unit 8 lesson 1 and textbook practiceMathematicsGrant, Kristin1
Apr 26May 8Iroquois UNIT TEST (textbook chapter included)Social StudiesGrant, Kristin2
Apr 26May 3Unit 1 TEST (patterns and equations)MathematicsGrant, Kristin0
Apr 12Apr 30Iroquois Project Social StudiesGrant, Kristin0
Apr 12Apr 30Iroquois Project WEBSITESSocial StudiesGrant, Kristin0
Mar 19Jun 30Textbook GlossarySocial StudiesGrant, Kristin1
Mar 12Apr 30Chapter 4 Textbook (Iroquois Confederacy)Social StudiesGrant, Kristin1