Homeroom: 6I

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Assigned Due Homework Subject Teacher Files
May 14May 15Unit 8 lesson 3MathematicsGrant, Kristin0
May 14Jun 15Textbook Chapter 3 - ANCIENT ATHENSSocial StudiesGrant, Kristin1
May 4May 8Unit 8 lesson 1 and textbook practiceMathematicsGrant, Kristin1
Apr 26May 8Iroquois UNIT TEST (textbook chapter included)Social StudiesGrant, Kristin2
Apr 26May 3Unit 1 TEST (patterns and equations)MathematicsGrant, Kristin0
Apr 12Apr 30Iroquois Project WEBSITESSocial StudiesGrant, Kristin0
Apr 12Apr 30Iroquois Project Social StudiesGrant, Kristin0
Apr 10Apr 12Wampum, Tree of Peace and Great Law of Peace NOTESSocial StudiesGrant, Kristin0
Mar 19Jun 30Textbook GlossarySocial StudiesGrant, Kristin1
Mar 19Mar 22Unit 5 Test MathematicsGrant, Kristin2
Mar 12Apr 30Chapter 4 Textbook (Iroquois Confederacy)Social StudiesGrant, Kristin1
Mar 12Mar 14Title Page (Iroquois Confederacy)Social StudiesGrant, Kristin1
Feb 28Mar 9Textbook ChaptersSocial StudiesGrant, Kristin5
Feb 26Mar 8Social Studies Test (chapters 1, 5, 8, 9)Social StudiesGrant, Kristin1
Feb 13Feb 15Provincial Government Unit TestSocial StudiesGrant, Kristin1
Feb 5Feb 6Unit 6 Lesson 9 (Volume)MathematicsGrant, Kristin0
Jan 30Jan 31Roles and Responsibilities Booklet (pages 1-7)Social StudiesGrant, Kristin2
Jan 29Feb 8UNIT 6 Test (Polygons, perimeter, area, volume)MathematicsGrant, Kristin2
Jan 22Jan 26Angle Birds Geometry AssignmentMathematicsGrant, Kristin2
Jan 15Jan 22Election Process Booklet (comparing Prov and Local Govt)Social StudiesGrant, Kristin3
Jan 1Jan 31Personal Novel ProjectEnglish Language ArtsFletcher, Brandon0
Jan 1Jan 31Personal Novel ProjectEnglish Language ArtsFletcher, Brandon0
Dec 12Dec 21Unit 4 Test (Angles and Polygons)MathematicsGrant, Kristin1
Dec 11Dec 19Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms Unit Test Social StudiesGrant, Kristin2
Dec 7Dec 12My Charter of Rights and Freedoms Paper Bag AssignmentSocial StudiesGrant, Kristin1
Dec 4Dec 18HOOT! Novel Study ProjectEnglish Language ArtsFletcher, Brandon0
Dec 4Dec 7Evidence and Investigation Halfway ReviewScienceDavis, Miranda1
Nov 21Nov 28Unit 3 TestMathematicsGrant, Kristin1
Nov 20Nov 28HOOT! Chapters 10-21 Comprehension BookletEnglish Language ArtsFletcher, Brandon0
Nov 16Nov 20UNIT 3 Lessons 5&6MathematicsGrant, Kristin1
Nov 8Nov 21Local Government Unit TestSocial StudiesGrant, Kristin1
Nov 8Nov 30NOVEL READINGEnglish Language ArtsFletcher, Brandon0
Nov 7Nov 14Unit 3 Quiz (lessons 1-4)MathematicsGrant, Kristin1
Nov 7Nov 7Review NotesScienceDavis, Miranda1
Nov 7Nov 7Evidence and Investigation BookletScienceDavis, Miranda1
Nov 6Nov 7Unit 3 Lesson 3 and 4MathematicsGrant, Kristin2
Nov 2Nov 6Campaign PosterSocial StudiesGrant, Kristin1
Nov 1Nov 22My AlphabiographyEnglish Language ArtsFletcher, Brandon1
Oct 30Oct 31Trees and Forests ReviewScienceDavis, Miranda2
Oct 24Oct 26Forest ManagersScienceDavis, Miranda2
Oct 23Nov 2Unit Test ReviewScienceDavis, Miranda1
Oct 23Oct 23Enhance or Threaten (Notes)ScienceDavis, Miranda1
Oct 16Oct 19Elements of Plot AssessmentEnglish Language ArtsFletcher, Brandon0
Oct 13Oct 17Decision Making Unit TestSocial StudiesGrant, Kristin1
Oct 12Oct 17Classifying LeavesScienceDavis, Miranda1
Oct 12Oct 16Lesson 7 Order of OperationsMathematicsGrant, Kristin1
Oct 12Oct 24UNIT 2 TestMathematicsGrant, Kristin1
Oct 11Oct 11Branching Patterns (Notes)ScienceDavis, Miranda2
Oct 6Oct 11Lesson 5 Investigating FactorsMathematicsGrant, Kristin1
Oct 5Oct 1112 times tables QuizMathematicsGrant, Kristin0
Oct 5Oct 9Life of a TreeScienceDavis, Miranda2
Oct 3Oct 3Deciduous or Coniferous (Notes)ScienceDavis, Miranda1
Oct 2Oct 2Parts of a Tree (Notes)ScienceDavis, Miranda2
Sep 28Oct 210 times tables QuizMathematicsGrant, Kristin0
Sep 27Sep 29Lesson 3 Exploring MultiplesMathematicsGrant, Kristin0
Sep 27Oct 4Unit 2 Lessons 1-4 QUIZMathematicsGrant, Kristin0
Sep 26Sep 289 times tables QuizMathematicsGrant, Kristin0
Sep 26Oct 2Tree SOSScienceDavis, Miranda1
Sep 25Sep 27Unit 2 Lesson 2MathematicsGrant, Kristin0
Sep 22Sep 268 times tables QuizMathematicsGrant, Kristin0
Sep 21Sep 25Lesson 1 Exploring Large NumbersMathematicsGrant, Kristin0
Sep 21Sep 25TranspirationScienceDavis, Miranda2
Sep 20Sep 227 times tables QuizMathematicsGrant, Kristin0
Sep 20Sep 28Map of Canada QUIZSocial StudiesGrant, Kristin0
Sep 20Sep 25PhotosynthesisScienceDavis, Miranda2
Sep 18Sep 206 times tables quizMathematicsGrant, Kristin0
Sep 18Sep 26Who Lives Where?ScienceDavis, Miranda2
Sep 18Sep 25YOU Be The MapmakerSocial StudiesGrant, Kristin0
Sep 14Sep 26Fungus, Lichen, ConksScienceDavis, Miranda2
Sep 13Sep 18Gr 5 Review BookletMathematicsGrant, Kristin0
Sep 13Sep 155 times tables QuizMathematicsGrant, Kristin0
Sep 12Sep 26Sort the CycleScienceDavis, Miranda3