Human Systems Research Booklet

Date Mar 13 - Mar 22
Teacher Kyle Mckenzie

As part of the grade 8 science curriculum, students have been asked to learn about the several different systems that make up the human body.  Students have already covered the varying levels of biological specificity starting with individual cells, moving into groups of similar cells that make up a tissue, moving into groups of tissues that work together to form an organ, moving to groups of organs that work together to form a system, which work together to form a living organism.

Now, students will be spending several class periods reading up on the different systems that compose the human body.  The systems students will be investigating include:  The Excretory System, The Nervous System, The Digestive System, The Respiratory System, and The Circulatory System.  The research booklet is quite extensive and will require students to use their class time very efficiently.

The official due date is Wednesday, March 22.  However, we will be going over certain sections intermittently over that time.  During our discussions, we will also be observing some of the different organs at those times.  With that said, we will have gone over the entire booklet as a class before the second quiz for this unit... that quiz will be entirely based on the content of this booklet

I have attached copies of both the student research booklet, as well as the appropriate textbook pages that students need in order to complete their research.  Please feel free to ask your son or daughter about what they are learning/researching in order to help reinforce the content in their mind.