Cells & Human Systems Quiz II

Date Mar 17 - Mar 24
Teacher Kyle Mckenzie

Students will be writing a fairly significant quiz on “Human Systems” on Thursday, March 23rd.

Students have spent over a week researching the different systems of the human body (i.e. Respiratory System, Circulatory System, Digestive System, Excretory System, and Nervous System).  Students should have completed a lengthy research booklet that outlined all of the points they need to know about the systems that make up the human body.  It is vitally important that students have actually read the pages assigned to them, and not just skimmed to find the answers.  Only students who read the pages will have a complete understanding as to how those organs and systems interact with one and other.  Please feel free to ask your son or daughter to see their booklet and how they have done when it comes to completing it. 

The upcoming exam will be fairly lengthy and will contain a lot of diagrams that students have already seen.  Students are encouraged to look over their work booklet and to focus on the different diagrams as they study for the quiz.  As always, the booklet, answer key, and necessary textbook pages are all posted on Moodle.