Cells & Human Systems Unit End Exam

Date Mar 28 - Mar 29
Teacher Kyle Mckenzie

Students will be writing their Unit-End-Exam on the “Cells & Human Systems” unit.  As you already know, the Unit-End-Exams carry a significant amount of weight when it comes to calculating the final grade.

This unit has covered a vast array of information in a relatively short amount of time.  Students have covered topics ranging from the proper use of a microscope, to cells and cell organelles, to the different systems that make up the human body.  Under the topic of microscopes; students will need to know what the different parts of a microscope are and how to calculate the total magnification.  Under the topic of cells; students will need to be able to label a cell diagram, differentiate between plant and animal cells, and relate different cell organelles to everyday terms (i.e. what is the “power plant” of the cell or what are the “blue prints” of the cell?).  Lastly, students will need to know all about the inner workings of the different systems contained within the human body.  These systems include:  The Excretory System, The Nervous System, The Digestive System, The Respiratory System, and The Circulatory System.  There will be many diagrams making up this portion of the exam so students should spend a great deal of time looking through their student research booklet to help them prepare. 

To help them prepare, students can find all of the lesson material for the unit, including assignments, textbook pages, and answer keys on Moodle.