Chapter 14 and 15 Test

Date Jun 18 - Jun 18
Teacher Joseph Wright

Please use the following study guide along with your guided notes and video lectures to study for your last test before the final!

Chapter 14: "Edo Japan: A Closed Society"

Please watch this video lecture to begin understanding how the Shogun limited contact with other cultures and imposed restrictions on the lives of Japanese citizens. He did so because contact was often viewed as a threat to the Shogun's military control of the nation. They Shogun found these measures to be necessary for national security and to protect Japanese culture.

Video Lecture

Chapter 15: "Contact and Change in Meiji Japan"

Video Lecture

Please use this video lecture to understand the internal and external pressures that forced Japanese culture to rapidly change and adapt during the Meiji Restoration. Much of the changes occurred as a result of industrialization, the implementation of a western style democracy and developing an economy that was no longer so heavily dependant on agriculture.