Math Written Final

Date Jun 5 - Jun 15
Teacher Deana Dypolt

The grade 8’s will be writing their math written final on Friday, June 15. They will be given two blocks (1 hour and 32 minutes) to write and an additional 30 minutes if needed. There is one problem solving question from the assigned chapters.  The following chapters will be on their written final:

  • Chap. 2: Ratios, Rates & Proportional Reasoning
  • Chap. 3: Pythagorean Relationship
  • Chap. 4: Understanding Percent
  • Chap. 5: Surface Area
  • Chap. 6: Fraction Operations
  • Chap. 7: Volume
  • Chap. 9: Linear Relations
  • Chap. 10: Linear Equations

All class notes, review notes, a digital copy of the textbook and video tutorials can be found on Moodle.