Deana Dypolt

About Me

It's going to another fantastic year at Lakie! I've been at Lakie since 2012, and it feels like it has been home to me the entire time! My name is Deana Dypolt and I have been teaching since 2009. I graduated from the University of Lethbridge with a Major in Art and Minor in Math. I am so excited that I get to share my passions of math, art and athletics with the students, staff, parents and community of G.S. Lakie. 

I've always been interested in math. Growing up it was my favorite core subject. I completed all my high school math by grade 11 and my favorite game is Sudoku (I can play it for hours and I sometimes race myself)! Art is also a great passion of mine. I love the history of art and I enjoy painting in my spare time. If I'm not painting on canvas, it's walls, floors, hole punchers...whatever I can get my paintbrush on and Mr. James doesn't notice! I sell my work at a local business and I also do commissions.

I'm thrilled to be coaching the rep girls’ basketball team this year. I have coached various levels of basketball as well as played at all levels. I used to play for the Lethbridge College and I was captain of the National winning team. I've also had the privilege of playing for Outwest Canada Club; we got to travel all over the world and compete against high level teams. I'm excited to share my experiences and knowledge of the game with these young girls. 

I am so passionate about teaching; it truly is my dream job! If you ever want to come and stop by to say hello you will find me perched in room 127!