Darlene Galicia


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About Me

Hi! My name is Darlene Galicia but most of the kids call me Ms. G.  This is at least my 100th year of teaching.  Time goes by very quickly when a person is having so much fun! I began my teaching career many years ago and have worked at a variety of schools in southern Alberta.  I came to Lakie in 2003 when the school opened. This year, I am responsible for Social Studies and Language Arts to 6E & 6F. I have developed and teach the exploratory options called Treasure Chest and Reel vs Real.  Learning and achieving are always an adventure for both me and my students..

I believe in developing and teaching the whole child.  Along with the academics, I like to develop lifelong learning and social skills.  A simple little thank you can mean a lot, a wee bit of humor or a smile can always brighten someone’s day.  Every child is a gift that needs to feel special and loved!