Paul Bohnert


About Me

I am so looking forward to my second year at G. S. Lakie.  What I learned and experienced during my first year was fantastic.  The students, staff and parents are all part of the success and I can't wait to start the school year. 

Prior to my placement at Lakie I was seconded to the University of Lethbridge for two years in the Faculty of Education working with student teachers.  Before my University placement I taught at Gilbert Paterson Middle School and Winston Churchill High School. I have taught science, math, social studies, graphic artistry, video production, drama and physical education in my career.  

Mr. Bohnert’s learning/teaching philosophy…

Learning is driven by the unique innate curiosity found in each of us. 

To sit, observe and witness change; to study similarities, differences and peculiarities; to examine rates, qualities, and environments; to appreciate, understand and share are skills we naturally possess. Being able to articulate our perceptions and understanding while openly listening to others' ideas and thoughts perpetually keeps learning dynamic.”

We don’t need to teach students how to learn… We need to engage them and step aside.