Drew Sutherland

(403) 327-3465
About Me

I have worked at Lakie for 2 years now. I have taught a wide range of grade 6, and 7 classes. I have taught Social 6 and 7, Language Arts 6, Math 7, Physical Education 6, and Literacy 6 and 7. I have immensely enjoyed my time at the school, and living the FISH philosophy. This philosophy has influenced everything we do in the classroom. The students learn the meaning of the four pillars: Make their day, play, be there, and choose your attitude. In my spare time when I am not at the school I am a avid runner who enjoys all kinds of challenges. My wife and I have completed various races across North America including races in both Disney World and Disneyland. My true passion though is education and helping students grow and reach their potential as they begin to learn who they are as people.