Sharon Mezei

Administrators - Principal

(403) 327-3465
About Me

I am extremely excited to be the incoming principal for the 2017-2018 school year!

I have spent my entire career in Lethbridge School District No. 51 and have been fortunate to have been afforded many opportunities for change. I believe that change can present positive challenges for us and opportunities to grow both personally and professionally. My experiences in the district have included teaching and being an administrator at both the elementary level (Fleetwood-Bawden, Ecole Agnes Davidson School) and high school level (L.C.I. and Winston Churchill).  I have also recently spent six years at the Education Centre as the Associate Superintendent of Human Resources. 

I am now thrilled to have the opportunity to return to a school setting and continue my work with students, parents, staff and community members. And, to be afforded this at the middle school level is a wonderful way to complete my professional bucket list! I have always wanted to be part of a middle school environment and am ecstatic that not only has my wish come to fruition, but that it will happen at Lakie.

In my role at the Education Centre, I had multiple opportunities to visit Lakie and have been witness to the plethora of activities, events and productions that have taken place over the years.  What I know is that G.S. Lakie is a welcoming and supportive school that affords students multiple opportunities to grow academically, socially and emotionally.  It is a school that puts students first, and my hope is that together we will have the opportunity to continue creating a positive and safe school culture where students can thrive in all areas of education.