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Build Day at G.S. Lakie sends students outdoors to work on projects

G.S. Lakie Middle School students had an opportunity to showcase a number of skills Thursday during Build Day.

Students constructed projects throughout the day, which started with a tailgate meeting from 8:30-9 a.m., where each team met a carpenter there were to build with for the rest of the day.

The Innovative Project Design 8 Class design/project class is providing opportunities for students to solve a challenge. This term’s challenge is: Did you know Lakie has an outdoor classroom? The challenge was to build and promote something for the school’s outdoor classroom.

Students brainstormed ideas for the outdoor classroom, split into groups and picked one project to work on.

Projects chosen were:

- two tables that can be used for work and playing games (two different designs)    

- two benches (two different designs)

- one oversized Connect Four game

Students were required to research and then draw a sketch of their project. They pitched the idea to Lakie administration, as well as District maintenance and facilities personnel, who gave their input about the designs.

Students altered their designs to incorporate many of the ideas and then sent a video pitch, sketch and materials list to Ashcroft Homes – the corporate sponsor for the class.

Two representatives from Ashcroft came to the school and did a safety overview with the students, and more detailed instructions was given to individual students as needed.

Master plans for each project were drawn up by the draftsmen at Ashcroft Homes. The projects were then constructed on Thursday.

The draftsman/carpenter (Ashcroft) had final say on the design and which materials are used for the design.

“Some will look exactly like what the kids drew and others will be a bit different I think,” said Lakie teacher Lori Adamson. “The two we have received so far are exactly what the kids wanted. The tables are a bit more difficult so will probably be adapted somewhat.”

Adamson added the partnership with Ashcroft came about through a connection she had at the business.

“I am friends with Dave Bodell, who is the sales manager/partner at Ashcroft Homes and I asked him if they would like to be a part of the project. They came on board right away.”

Lakie had four journeyman carpenters from Ashcroft on site during Build day, one of which is also their safety superintendent and one who is one of their site managers. 

“We also have Chris Chapman from the District who is a journeyman carpenter, as well as the District’s Operations and Maintenance co-ordinator coming for the day,” said Adamson, who added Daniel Heaton, Lethbridge District 51 Director of Facilities, also took part in the day.

The projects being built are for our outdoor classroom space, and are meant to be permanent additions to the space and in some cases, will be attached to the walls or ground.

The Innovative Project Design 8 Class design/project course falls within the Career and Technology Foundations (CTF) curriculum of studies, which encourages an engaging and holistic learning process, resulting in the development of a product, performance or service.  

“CTF creates an environment where students explore interests and passions while developing skills and competencies which make connections to career possibilities,” said Adamson, who added the course is not being graded in the traditional way. “We meet with the students individually on a bi-weekly basis to talk about the course and their part in the development of the project. Students have weekly team meeting where they discuss progress and plans for the coming week.”

Lakie has also received donations from a number of organizations for the project, including Lethbridge School District No. 51, Ashcroft Homes, Burnco Landscaping, Princess Auto and Western One Rentals. 


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