Honour Roll & Awards


Academic Awards Criteria


Honour Roll

To be on the Honour Roll list at Lakie requires that a student maintain an 85% average amongst the four core subject areas which include Language Arts, Mathematics, Social Studies, and Science.  The Lakie Honour Roll list is complied twice per year - once at the midpoint of the school year and once again at the end of the school year.  Due to time constraints, the Honour Roll list at the end of the year does not take into account final exam marks.  Any student who meets the 85% average criteria is presented with a letter, as well as has their name placed on the Honour Roll list in the Foyer of Lakie acknowledging his or her accomplishment.


Academic Distinction Award

This award is presented to all students who achieved a final grade of 90% or higher in all of the four core subject areas which include Language Arts, Mathematics, Social Studies and Science.  This is NOT based on an average, but rather the recipient must have a grade of 90% or higher in all four core subjects once final grades have been tabulated.  Winners of this prestigious award are presented with a trophy as a memento of their amazing academic achievement.


Above & Beyond Award

This award is presented to select students in each of the four core subject areas with whom their final grade reflects academic excellence in a given subject.  In order to be considered as one of the recipients for this award, students must have a minimum final grade of 90% which signifies that they are academically “Above” average.  In addition to that, each subject area has a custom set of skills and attributes that teachers look for throughout the year indicating that the student also goes “Beyond” in their demonstration, involvement, and enthusiasm for that particular subject.  Recipients of this award are presented with a trophy as a memento of their great academic achievement.  The individual criteria for each subject is listed below and have been taken from the provincial Programs of Study for each subject area:


Beyond in Mathematics means students…

  • Demonstrate an appreciation of the contributions of mathematics as a science, philosophy and art
  • Exhibit a positive attitude toward mathematics
  • Engage and preserver in mathematical tasks and projects
  • Contribute to mathematical discussions
  • Take risks in performing mathematical tasks
  • Exhibit mathematical curiosity


Beyond in Social Studies means students…

  • Consistently engage in an active inquiry processes through problem solving, critical and creative thinking
  • Demonstrate an appreciation of diverse points of view by considering the perspectives and viewpoints of various societies and other world views
  • Consistently communicate their own thoughts and ideas in an open, full and fair-minded manner
  • Consistently engage in conflict resolution by developing innovative solutions
  • Demonstrate skills required to maintain individual and collective identities within a group
  • Demonstrate an understanding that alongside learning comes a personal and collective responsibility to be an active and engaged citizen


Beyond in Science means students…

  • Demonstrate critical sense and curiosity about science and technology
  • Develop a keen interest in new ideas and problem solving using the scientific method
  • Show interests in science related questions and issues
  • Seek out concrete scientific evidence and apply said evidence when evaluating problems


Beyond in Language Arts means students…

  • Explore thoughts, ideas, feelings and experiences through literary expression
  • Comprehend and respond personally and critically to oral, print and other media texts
  • Manage ideas and information
  • Enhance the clarity and artistry of communication
  • Respect, support and collaborate with others
  • Show a keen interests in the literary processes of writing



Academic Grit

“Gators Got Grit” has been a theme that Lakie has adopted which inspires determination, resiliency, self-determination, and most of all, grit!  The academic grit award is reserved for those students who demonstrated a strong effort in core classes to consistently do their best, experience growth, and overcome any barriers to learning.  Obtaining the academic grit award doesn’t necessarily correlate with top academic marks, but it does signify the embodiment of something even more important… strong work ethic!  Recipients of this award are presented with a trophy as a memento of their perseverance and determination to always do their best.



FISH Philosophy Award

The Fish Philosophy has been a corner stone within the Lakie school culture since the school was founded.  The four pillars of the FISH philosophy (Choose Your Attitude, Be There, Make Their Day & Play) are a simple yet effective means of focusing our efforts to be better, kinder members within our community.  As one of Lakie’s most prestigious awards, the Fish Philosophy award is presented to select students who consistently demonstrate an attitude that aligns with the four pillars of the FISH Philosophy.  Recipients of this award are presented with a trophy as a memento of their contributions toward a healthy school and community culture.



FNMI Liyikakmat (Try Hard) Award

“Education is the New Buffalo” is an emerging theme within the Blackfoot and First Nations community.  The Liyikakmat (Try Hard) award is reserved for those FNMI students who represent their culture proudly on the traditional territory of the Blackfoot people.  Academic Excellence, Leadership, Perseverance, Citizenship, and Cultural Involvement are all ways in which our FNMI students Try Hard.  Recipients of this award are presented with a trophy as a symbol of their commitment to bolster the proud heritage of the First Nations, Metis and Inuit people.



Option & Phys Ed Awards

Lakie has a very strong and passionate group of teachers that have built incredible option programs with even more incredible learning opportunities for the students of Lakie.  Each of those teachers has the opportunity to present an award for outstanding performance and dedication within their respective classes.  Students who demonstrate a strong interest, skill, enthusiasm, and dedication for a given subject will be recognized with an award for their respective subject.  Recipients of the different Option & Phys Ed awards will receive a medal as a memento for their outstanding achievement.