As part of Lakie's commitment to fine arts education, the school has been able to build a dance program that is second to none.  The dance program at Lakie started small, but over time, has evolved into a program that has become pivotal to the school culture.  Now, Lakie has a dedicated dance hall, which features state of the art technology that allows students to explore all genres of dance.  The dance room features state of the art speakers, amplifiers, sound projection, a full length motorized scrim (for rear projection), projector, lighting, and light board, all of which can be controlled by the teacher to add to the theatrics.  Students have come to love the Lakie dance program which now hosts a massive dance production every other year, and is also a major component of any rock shows or drama productions.  It is important to note, that you do not need to have any prior dance experience.  Boys and girls from all ages and at all levels have found the Lakie dance program to be fun, engaging, and inspiring.